Andromo App Maker v5.0.3 Now Available

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Andromo App Maker for Android version 5.0.3 has been released.

Here is a list of changes in this version release:

  • Added interactive screenshots for all Dashboard Item Styles. You’ll now see an example screenshot of what each dashboard item style looks like as you choose it in your project. Want to see them all at once? See our blog post: New Dashboard Styles in Andromo v5
  • For those users who have been uploading invalid/corrupted PNG image files (just renaming a file .png does not make it a .png file folks!), we now detect that as it happens when uploading and building.
  • Fixed bug with activity position not saving for Radio activities.
  • Now enforcing SSL for the entire site.
  • Resolved a build error that occurred when the Dashboard was turned off and you only had a single YouTube activity or a single Website activity with the “Open in External Browser” option checked. Activities without a “view” can not be either the first activity or the only activity in your app. This fixes that automatically now.
  • Fixed a bug where the About dialog would crash on Samsung devices when the Target Market was set to ‘Samsung Apps’.
  • Made it so the navigation drawer header image uses a 16:9 aspect ratio on any type of device.
  • Made it so a text scrim is automatically applied to the navigation drawer header image to improve text contrast and legibility unless the title and subtitle are blank.
  • Added a new Dashboard item style ‘Grid: square image + title. 3 columns auto-color’.
  • Fixed the translations for the navigation drawer’s ‘Settings’ and ‘About’ items.

Andromo App Maker for Android v5.0.3 is now live at


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    How do we translate the about and settings? Or is it done automaticly to the phone's language?

    And is it some news about the sub-dashboards?
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    Auto based on the phone's language. Just like all other built in text strings, error messages, notices etc.
  • Ok, thanks

    Bye the way. It looks like that Google have updated Analytics and Firbase. I just can't find the App Analytics Code anymore. Could you take a look @colinadams and see if you have to update Andromo to work with the new version?
  • I have updated the app now and I see that you don't support Norwegian. Could you please add it or make it possible for us to translate by ourself?
  • @olros We do support Norwegian. Your device must be set to that language though in order to see it.

  • @colinadams did you fix the admob banner issue? The banners would only show when the phone is titled to landscape. 

  • @lawrence72117 ;No it hasn't been fixed yet, but is currently being worked on. We were speaking to AdMob about the issue till late last week and based on that communication deciding how we going to approach the resolution. I'm aware of one particular device it occurs on, and likely one other (but haven't confirmed). What device are you seeing the problem on?
  • @darryl I'm using bluestacks agent to test my apps and it's happen on that. 
  • Image not shown in Navigation Drawer like before help
  • @canillas10 Please open a support ticket describing the issue, along with a copy of your app that shows the problem, and the project ID so we can look at it's contents.
  • Will you guys implement a Splash Screen in the apps any time soon? Because it is a widely required feature from many clients for which we have been making apps.
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    Is there still a way to add a "background image" to Music player as shown here;   Had frosted, Midnight as effect on image.

    Is this feature still available in new release?

  • They are working on it. You would know if you checked all other threads thoroughly.
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