Add an option to show/not show activity at drawer

Today I submitted a couple of apps updates.
In the apps (like in almost all of my apps) I include an activity that links to a similar app of mine in Google Play, and in the dashboard I include a subtitle "Get this app at Google Play". This is done to prevent Google from refusing the app due to an intrusive/not clearly identifiable ad.

Today Google refused this app because at the drawer, the subtitle is not shown. So they say this is an ad, and the user does not know it. (even if the title of the activity is already self explanatory, something like " Title Of App - "Free App")
Can we have an option to allow an activity not to show in the drawer?


  • @colinadams
    Is this something that you could potentially consider?
  • The explanation they gave you seems really weird... I’d recommend you change the title of the activity if they say it is confusing. It’s never come up before, but if more people request it, we can add it to the suggestion list.
  • I know it is weird. Out of 200+ apps, they only complained on one. And even without the subtitle, it is still pretty explanatory that this is not just another content of the app but a link to another app.
    But in any way, I do think that this would be useful feature. Hopefully more people will need it and you could really work on it.
  • You can't link to other apps inside your app unless it says advertisement. They want to you to say its an advertisement in the subtitle or make sure it says ad somewhere the user can see. I had an app suspended for the same reason.  

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