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When I subscribe to the paid plan Pro for a month and do applications and place admob ads on them and upload them to Play Store, if the subscription ends and I do not renew it, will ads on the application be stopped or not?

thank you



  • They will be stopped.

  • I haven't deleted my Pro User subscription but was always told my apps will run with ads even if I cancel my subscription. The only way I would lose those ads is if I update them. So in @legend17 case his ads should still appear unless he updates them.

  • hi @tones702 ,

    so if im not update my old app with new plan, my app still showing ads? even my subscription expired?

  • Hi user @user_#582098 as far as I know that is correct and how it always is so not sure why @EgorEgorov ego mentioned They will be stopped. You can't change those kind of rules we where promised things wouldn't change but with how things have being lately with Andromo new people I don't have the proper answer.

  • @user_#582098 Apps updated after late March will stop showing ads on user's devices for developers with expired subscription.

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