A feel of being cheated

As we are forced to move to a new plan at lease before our plan expires, with the new policies of andromo regarding app development I get a feel of being cheated.

I could have chosen some other platforms to develop ads.

While I chose this, andromo was the best suit one for beginners.


  • Its a good time to learn how to code your own apps. It's little harder but it's worth it. Plus you will own the code and have more functions in the app. App builders are very limited anyway. I learned to code and don't use app builders anymore. I just update my existing apps but all new apps I build, I code myself.

  • @absordor after 2 years of false promises they decided to show up with this ridiculous plans. I can guarantee that if they do not revert the changes, they will loss more than 50 percent of their clients.

  • Guys, no one is pushing you earn more. You want to keep your revenue as is — absolutely, this is why Starter and Pro plans stays intact. Ultra plan is only for those who actually want to get more money in their pockets for their existing Apps. Like I said many times, we ran tests for months with top developers and the financial results are very, very good.

  • I hardly ever comment on forums, but feel that I must, this recent change in plans from Andromo is unsettling to say the least. Andromo is one of the best android app builders, however, this bait and switch has given me reason to cancel my membership.

    At a time when most are faced with a lack of financial stability (we are in a worldwide pandemic), this sudden change and requirement for members to sustain their membership in order to continue ads being shown in their apps, seems somewhat mercenary.

    I'm off to learn how to code, as this seems like the only plausible solution, at least that way I will own my code.

  • @EgorEgorov You are lying in our face with the above comment that the Starter and Pro plans stay intact.

    1. You have renamed the starter plan to hobbyist something and completely disabled the option to enable ads. This will force all the members in starter to migrate to the PRO plan, with almost 2.5 times the annual subscription amount.
    2. Then you have added a mandatory requirement for lifelong renewal of this high PRO subscription, otherwise ads and apps will be removed permanently. Both these are clearly against the promises that Andromo made to us, when we signed up years ago. How can you say that both the Starter and PRO plans are staying intact?
  • As @absordor commented above, kindly rethink your decision. You are gonna lose all of your loyal customers forever.

  • "Like I said many times, we ran tests for months with top developers and the financial results are very, very good."

    What kind of apps do these "top developers" have? What if my apps and users are different? What if I don't want to bombard my users with ads every 30 seconds? I use ads, but I do so as subtly as possible. I try to have a good user experience in spite of the ads, so that I keep the users long term. There was a reason I turned off your "Andromo ads" within a couple days of trying them. My users hated the experience and my apps have only just recently recovered from that! Why would I trust your new scheme?

  • @TrevorH by all means, 30s delay is absolutely not suitable for all Apps. For some Apps even a two-minute delay is too often. It's up to you to decide. One of the things that does really help disregarding the frequency is the Splash screen. While we are showing the Splash screen to a user we are trying to load an ad to show (but we do that for a short amount of time that you specify). Due to that there is a greater chance of showing an ad on the App start which for some Apps might be the only chance to pop an interstitial.

    So I suggest you take the Advanced monetization trial and see for yourself how it performs for your Apps.

    @LetMEHearAgainApps Starters can continue using their Starter plan.

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