(Update #2) New Andromo Builder coming later this year.

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Dear Developers,

We are excited to share with you the progress that we’ve made in building a new Better Andromo builder.

Our new platform is going to be fully Flutter based, which makes it compatible with the latest market standards and offers a long range of tools for cross-platform development.

Our new builder will accommodate all activities from the existing platform and will become a great base to rapidly extend the range of functionalities based  on your requests and market insights. 

Our new Interface becoming more touch-friendly and will be perfect to work on Tablets or Touch-based Laptops. We’ve reorganized it in a way that fits both newbie and professional developers and has a clear, intuitive flow, making app development flexible, efficient, and fast.

Here is the sneak peek at some of the functionalities (Please consider these are WIP pieces and are being updated progressively.):

😎 Completely independent project setup.

🙌 Batch Upload of files and images.

🙌 Edit multiple files together.

📲 Realtime preview for Activities

👍 Activity settings all in one place.

🙀 Customize widgets by shape and size

🤯 Widgets carousels.

😎 Standard activities and more...

We are implementing Interstitial ads for activities on deeper levels so you can double or sometimes triple the show rate.In order to craft our new builder and make sure we meet your expectation, we invite 20 advanced developers to become our first beta testers. Our tests will begin in the second part of June and will continue for two weeks.

If you want to become an early tester please apply today making sure you meet the following criteria:

  • Have been with Andromo for at least 1-3 Years
  • You have at least one 10,000+ Downloads App
  • You are using monetization

Please fill in this form to apply.

Please stay tuned for more updates on platform developments and the date of launch.



  • Great news

    I hope to be one of the first testers

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    Now yes, now the ultra <3 plan is worth it, I'll pay for the view packs even happier ... @RomanJuly @EgorEgorov

    Best Best Best is perfect flutter, application is best;

    I have a good xp with flutter, both in iOS and Android development; I'm Brazilian and we have a very active cuminity in the flutter ...

    I have great income with this package;

  • Excellent news, the implementation of Flutter and all the improvements we see in this post are great, congratulations to the developers for the excellent work, now we know why the transition has delayed, all have been features that we have asked for years hopefully they will come soon. nice job! 👏👏👏👏👏

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    @absordor Friend of my vast experience in flutter, I can tell you that this is just the beginning;

    The flutter is perfect, with the last update he gains incredible performances; gaining up to 30% speed on android and 50% using metal on iOS; That's because it was already perfect;

    With the development in flutter (dart) it is very accelerated because it is a declarative lang; I create my personal apps in flutter and always get good results; My biggest negative point is admob, which still has a not very good implementation; But it is supplemented with unofficial packages;

    The flutter is the best way!

  • An interesting feature is to make it possible to upload the keystore so that we can update any existing app in the playstore

  • @meold Please we need banner for appbrain, and if possible try to add more ad Networks. These days admob are just disabling accounts from my Region.

  • How about paying your affiliates for a change. I'm inclined to get real negative, but i'm not right now.

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    Good news for the next level :)

    Im in with 100k Downloads

  • @meold @RomanJuly @EgorEgorov 

    activity features that should be there. which already exists, needs an update

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    It is very interesting if andromo consumes the wordpress api; You could make a very dynamic content;

    Flutter pub I've used and works perfectly:


    Can I be a tester? See some of my apps that I developed in flutter:


    You will create your own "compiler" for iOS or you will use a solution similar to codemagic.io;

    I am anxious because with the flutter it is possible to publish on the apple store since each project at the time of the builder is a new one it will never be recognized as done through a "BUILDER" which is something that apple "prohibits" because it is more the question the content is relevant and unique ...

  • Hope this doesn't take for years? Waited for native ads nearly 2 years and still haven't got any!

  • I originally went with Andromo because it makes native apps. I'm a little leery of the changeover to Flutter, even if it makes iOS apps possible (I was somehow under the impression that the iOS apps promised some time ago would also be native).

    I'm also tired of seeing promises about upcoming features that never come to fruition. Instead we get something completely different and unexpected - and in the most recent cases, unwanted.

  • @meold from the teaser it seems that there are only admob and facebook for monetization. I hope you still keep (and maintain) the other ads platform (appbrain, startapp, applovin) because i'm no longer using admob and facebook ads is not available in my country

  • agree with @gangareboy to add banner ads for appbrain. please add that!

    btw i'm in for the try out with my 500k download

  • We are excited to announce that we will be shipping a Native Ads support later this year alongside our brand New Builder mentioned earlier.

    Among many cool new features, you will now be able to set up the frequency of the native ads showing up on the home screen of your app. 

    We are looking forward to implementing this functionality for the content inside Activities, which means you can now multiply your revenue streams in many different ways.

    Stay tuned as more awesomeness coming later this year.

  • Congratulations to the team, looking forward to the new builder, it will also have integration with wordpress api for what I saw in the ads from email.


  • @meold First of all I would like to say that you are doing a good job so far on the new builder!

    I am happy to see that the community is being heard!

    I have two questions:

    1 - There is a policy on displaying native ads in which you cannot display two banners on the same screen at the same time.

    For example: In the animated gif you can see that at a time when it displays more than 1 on the same screen ...


    As they are custom frequencies, it would be ideal to notify the developer or define a minimum security frequency ...

    2 - Is there a scheduled date to start the tests?

    The development seems to be well advanced, there is already a start date for the tests, as we are now in the third week of June ...

    Regards, great job.

  • StudioAppsCreate

    2 - The early testings are coming in the 2nd part of June as promised. So it is going to happen very soon.

    Today we have an extensive list of people who want to test the new builder and give their recommendations on optimizing it. Therefore, the number of seats is limited.

    As mentioned above, in the first place, we will consider candidates with at least 1-year experience in Andromo and applications with at least 10 thousand downloads.

    Also another crucial criterion for selecting candidates will be the developer’s loyalty and love for Andromo. We want to test the product and move with people who love Andromo and want to grow with us.

  • @RomanJuly

    I fit well in these requirements, especially in the love of "Andromo" I've been investing my time in this forum for months, and every relationship of true love has its moments of love and hate ...


  • @StudioAppsCreate which policy did you mean? (About count of native ads on screen) Can you give a link plz?

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    I have been an andromo user for 7 years.I think that the new builder is great ,modern and fast .Our main issue with andromo is that the activities are the same for 7 years .Some new stuff like onesignal notifications, but most activities are the same .There are many apis that could be integrated like Shopify,woocommerce stores,reservation or booking system , submenu to contain multiple webview pages ,PayPal or stripe checkout.Those could provide value for the platform

    PS: pwa exporter is an exciting prospect to be considered

  • @tolko21

    I don't have as much time as you do at Andromo, but I miss exactly integrations, mainly to make the app more dynamic ...

    About PWA rest assured that the flutter has a beta version called flutter web, the same app may in the future become a website and even more so windows, linux software and also officially released for MacOs!

    Flutter is a magic, I have developed it since the beta version, I have great results. The only problem from my point of view is the official admob library (firebase_admob) where the developer does not have the option of positioning the banner ... Easily circumvented with others available libraries.

    The andromo team made a good choice, I am sure that the future of Andromo reserves us a lot of news, especially regarding integrations, since consuming API with the flutter is very good ...

    I am looking forward to testing the builder and I hope it will be recognized for my efforts in this forum, even though it often hurts the andromo team I always say what I think and things that can improve the andromo.



    I talked to my manager he told me that the restriction only applies to banner ads and not native ads.

    My reply was late because I expected a reply from him ...

  • Not a day goes by without I entering hoping to find a message from the Andromo team telling me that I will be one of the people chosen to test the new builder because I meet all the requirements that have been set by the team.

    I'm so excited

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    We are all looking forward to the biggest evolution we have had in the last years of Andromo!

  • StudioAppsCreate

    You have been answered at support and your account is active now.

  • tolko21

    I agree about the requested activities. They are the direction vector of Andromo development

  • @RomanJuly

    Yes, the solution was very quick, thanks!

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