Which partner of Facebook bidding is better?

Dear Developers,

We are implementing Facebook bidding with Admob as a partner. It will be available pretty soon.

Facebook has also several other partners for bidding. Can you, please, share your thoughts which partner would you also like to see at Facebook bidding and WHY?




Google Ad Manager

Google AdMob





Thanks in advance!



  • RomanJuly No for admob most of them have problem with admob. clear NO

    Mopub Is Good but have account approval issue

    MAX Good and no big issue think about it

    about all not used so please take care of this thing that they allow to open an account without much verification.

    please take care of 3 factor

    1. No banned account issue
    2. not much verification is needed
    3. available in all country for payment

  • Mopub is best if andromo contact with them for account approval for andromo user. using it and really easy to setup and very good for all ...

    1. Max by applovin (easy to get account approval)
    2. Mobup (need account approval but its ok)
    3. Admob (limit ads issues but its ok)

    We will happy if Andromo have many network for facebook bidding.

  • Also, please this facebook bidding allow to all package plan. not only for ultra user.

  • user_#594578 they have to allow all plan reason it is basic need not special feature

  • 1 - Max by applovin (easy to get account approval)

    2- Mobup (need account approval but its ok)

    3 - ironsource ( no need approval maybe this is the best choice like MAX from applovin -

    Admob (limit ads issues and easy to get banned lol - NOT RECOMMEND

    And please too add other network like Startapp and Unity ads

  • Admob is not an option for most of us that have our admob account terminated, I think mopub, ironsource, max can be a good option to be added

  • add Mobup and Admob too for Ppl who don't have problem with Admob thank you

  • Mopub will be fine as it also earns.

    Max only gives money for game downloading. Max is only suitable for gaming applications.

  • Please add MOPUB

  • Dr.Vikram mopub give much problem to account approval.?

    andromo have to make discuss with partner.

  • devappfreak We are confused. we don't know what is better.

  • Megha Mopub is best but hectic account approval process.. otherwise good. but max is also better not much idea about IR ...

  • @devappfreak thought any payments will be made by facebook, and mopub will just send ads through Facebook ad sdk. why would there be problem with mopub account approval?

  • podmat when you do mediation your app will show many ad network ads. for example you earn 50 usd total 40 usd from FAN and 10 usd from mopub so mopub will send 10 and FAN send you 40 usd.

    do you know if we use mopub only mopub will integrate and other network in support as mediation. you must needed approval ...

  • From my own experience, IronSource is the best one out of them so far! I have tested every possible network.

  • HajarElHabbazi

    i dont have idea about iron source .. if someone know how to setup must make video on it.

  • After receiving feedback, is there any good news about progress??

  • @MasihKreatif lool wait for the good news after 90/180 days from andromo support

  • ironsource hard to get approved. Only game with high traffic will get approve.

  • @user_#594578 from the documentation on fb bidding page, it was stated that ironsource does not require approval for bidding

  • @podmat so why this notice appear on my account??

    "Your account is pending approval. We'll notify you by email when your account is approved."

    have you register ironsource before?

  • Earlier my earning was $ 20 per day but after coming to V3 it has remained only 2 dollars. Now I am waiting for the end of the plan. Play Store is also changing its policies very fast. Do not know when he will say that third party apps will no longer be valid.

    Andromo probably doesn't realize that not applying bidding on time will result in an average loss of $300 per user in the last four months.

    Andromo updates come very slowly. If you want to stay in the market then you have to increase the speed and give good response.

  • please this FAN bidding available on v2 & v3

  • Come on, where is the update?

  • @RomanJuly when ? when you hire better developer to manage andromo?

    really now days quality worst. no even doing anything to fix the issue.

  • @RomanJuly i have multiple app and will loose much revenue is andromo pay my loss?

    you have to work much earlier. now only 15 days remain how someone can update so fast?

  • @RomanJuly

    hey give us certainty!

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