Which partner of Facebook bidding is better?



  • looks like andromo is not running properly on bidding. and there is no response whatsoever regarding it on andromo

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  • I don't know why andromo is not fixing the facebook bidding with admob

    This is the reply I got from admob after contacting them.

    "Thanks for reaching out! We checked the problem with our technical specialists and can confirm that all bids were filtered due to missing a required SDK. The requests don't contain SDK Info (e.g. SDK/Adapter Version, buyer generated user data). It is usually related to implementation problems. Please look through this resource to ensure that you’ve integrated bidding mediation into your app. Also note that some ad sources may have additional SDK requirements."

  • @everyone

    Please, rebuild and update your apps, who had problems with bidding.

  • @RomanJuly Can you please give a tutorial to how to monetize with Mo Pub? After the my app update still MoPub dashboard showing Integrate the MoPub SDK. Please help

  • AndroidKing

    You need to contact support with all details

  • Dear Developers!

    We have received a lot of questions about the correct work of bidding. We had to double-check everything and we can assert that everything is configured correctly on our side. But we have tickets from you that tell us that there is some problem. We are ready to consider all your problem apps on an individual basis. Write your question to the support with all the details of the case: app package name, what issue did you face etc. If you have already written before, please do not duplicate the appeal. Our employee will start answering all bidding tickets today. Send only new cases, if you have them.

    Your Andromo

  • Andromo must add Applovin asap, because Mopub just bought by applovin. we must use applovin to showing ads

  • user_#594578

    As soon as Applovin supports flutter

  • unity ads supports flutter @RomanJuly sir

  • Hello,

    There was a payment that was made without my permission, I stopped using andromo almost a year ago, I want a full refund and my account closed.

    I have contacted the support team they said that they will send my request to the financial team. But I have not received any answer from anyone.



  • @RomanJuly please i wish to know, is there any hope that applovin will be added anytime soon?

  • Facebook bidding MAX is powerfull...... so must be rushed 😍😍

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