Which partner of Facebook bidding is better?



  • @RomanJuly

    SHowing admob bidding on Ultra not on Pro plan please fix it. also did only for admob.

    why ?

    DO you know people use FAN when either they got block from admob or limited to admob. bidding with admob no use of it . please help out.

  • waiting for nothing

  • Working on Mopub currently

  • Hi @RomanJuly ,

    Could you please hurry up and add another ad company to the Facebook Audience Network's bidding system because at this moment Admob is not very effective because of the limit imposed on our accounts, so it's meaningless using it with FAN's bidding system. In addition there is some agent in Facebook that keeps sending us e-mails asking us for the necessity to make the transition to the new bidding system or we'll lose our privileges. I already got 4 e-mails.

    So please add "Mobup" and make bidding available in the old builder (v2) so we can upgrade our apps before the due date.

  • @RomanJuly answer me why admob one not showing on pro plan.

  • devappfreak

    What do you mean?

  • RomanJuly i am login on pro plan facebook bidding for admob not showing . please let us know when it available, reason in telegram your team said it is available with screenshot.

  • Please may i know if facebook bidding has finally been implemented?

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    Admob+FAN bidding will be available for Pro users this week

  • @RomanJuly

    Please hurry to add another network other than Admob.

    Unfortunately, there are many Admob problems that we are currently suffering from, and there is no solution to them, so we cannot rely on it. Please take it seriously and add other features as soon as possible because the deadline is approaching.


  • Earning Zeero

  • We need FAN + mopub or any other mediation partner fast.

  • Please add more bidder networks because with bidding fill rates are very low . With more bidders we will maximize revenue. Vungle Tapjoy Pangle Mintegral AdColony InMobi.

  • @RomanJuly when another network will be added for Fan bidding.

  • Hi, everyone!

    Mopub ad network is added to Monetization. It is available as a separate ad network for Pro and Ultra subscribers.

    Upcoming update: Mopub will be added to FAN Bidding at the Ultra subscription level.


  • Can we have Mopub for V2 apps i see is only available for V3 apps.

  • When is mopub added to fan bidding for pro users

    Please mention with date

  • Please add applovin , because easy and always make me earning. Pleaseeee

  • Hi,

    As a Pro user we need and been waiting for MoPub for Facebook bidding. Not interested in MoPub by itself. So, can you post when MoPub for Facebook bidding will be available. Thanks

  • @RomanJuly


    Can you add mobup network to the old builder please. It is very important that it be provided in the old builder and the new Facebook system because the majority of developers have not moved their applications to the new builder yet due to the many technical problems that exist in it. Please fulfill our request .

    thank you

  • Is the FAN bidding available now? I don't see it anywhere.

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    Can you please let us know when pro users get MoPub for Facebook bidding?

    Facebook is the main source of revenue and admob is not an option. We need an urgent solution.

    Thank You.

  • KizeeTech, Ipl2021livetrack, Viz_3, ADIL

    1. V2 is outdated and is not updated anymore. It will become totally useless in November as Google play will stop serving apps targeting api 29.
    2. Mopub is available as a separate network for Pro devs and will be available as a part of bidding for Ultra devs hopefully today, Sept 10. Please, don't start a long discussion about it if you don't agree with something. Better try it with Ultra for 1 or 2 months. Maybe it will work for you.

    Have a great week-end!

  • RomanJuly in andromo mopub is only working if you uncheck the facebook bidding. It failed to buld when I use admob at the same time facebook bidding

  • We need AppLovin MAX for bidding Facebook. Easy for approval.

  • We need AppLovin MAX for bidding Facebook.

  • @RomanJuly unable to build the app after mopub FAN bidding

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    @RomanJuly when native ads in mopub will be added as i am ultra user i have to use native ads in apps.

  • Wait, so how do you implement FAN bidding? It's all through Facebook itself and then you just insert the Facebook placement IDs into Andromo like usual?

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