30% tax on app sales in Amazon's App Store



  • @hendrixs what is this W8-BEN ?
  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IRS_tax_forms#W-8_Series

    It's actually a pretty short form... Definitely worth filling out for Amazon.
  • I did this IRS form during opening developer account. Is this not enough?
  • If they don't substract additional 30% from your earnings, then I guess you are OK.
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    OK, I've filled out the SS-4 form and now I need to send it to them via fax, but I have a problem reaching their number.

    The form is located here: http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fss4.pdf

    On this document's first page there is a contact info from the IRS:

    Internal Revenue Service Center
    Attn: EIN International Operation
    Cincinnati, OH 45999
    Fax-TIN: 859-669-5987

    Since I'm from Slovenia, and I wish to reach Cincinnati(OH), I need to add +1 (for US) and 513 (OH). But I'm not getting anyone, except an Slovenian automated responce machine, which tells me that the number does nor exists. Any ideas what to do? Thanks.

    EDIT: Could please someone call that number just to verify that it's OK and working? :)
  • @hendrixs
    no, you do not need to dial the area code for Cincinnati!
    the "859" is a 1-800 number, that substitute for an area code and is free of charge within the US .
    Just dial 001 859 669 5987
    You will hear a tape, that says something like "calling this number is not free from out of country, if you'd like to proceed stay in line".
    So simply stay in line and the fax should go through.

  • It works!! :) Thanks, @sylviathewitch. How was I supposed to know that? :) I better write this down somewhere.
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