Which partner of Facebook bidding is better?



  • Add AppLovin MAX

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  • Dear Roman July, after trying admob and going to the customized application, I did not find your Facebook and Instagram in the stores attached to the picture. Therefore, you should suggest to the developer manager of admob to add several stores because I live in Iraq and find nothing but the Google application >>> With my regards

    pro -gh

  • Andromo, Please make the v2 system buildable using aab. In System v3 there are still many weaknesses and bugs, also the size is too large in v3. I still like v2, but can't upload it on playstore.

    For v3, please add starapp ads

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    Has anyone gotten the FAN bidding through Admob mediation to work? I tried it on one of my V3 apps yesterday and it's getting a small amount of "queries" but not a single impression. I believe I set it up correctly, since I followed Admob's instructions. Am I missing something?

    Edit: Actually, it looks like it is working. The impressions just haven't updated on Admob's main page. It shows impressions on the mediation page. Only 1 day into the split test, but the mediation with banners and interstitials is higher than just Admob alone, so that's cool.

  • Ok, so those impressions were just from Admob. Haven't gotten a single impression from Facebook through this mediation. Has anyone got it working at all?

  • atlas True, I thought I was the only one getting this problem, I also followed the instructions well and everything was fine but no results am also getting a very small amount of queries. @RomanJuly Can you help?

  • @RomanJuly worst android app maker platform ever. I have ultra plan but they are not providing any solution regarding mopub & admob bidding. If I select mopub bidding then build failed

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  • @RomanJuly please add tapdaq to v3

  • Please fix the problem for us. No more work between Facebook Ads and Admob

    We followed all the instructions, but it didn't work

    I advertise price offers that appear normally, but more do not work

    Please fix the problem applications as soon as possible before September 30th

  • applovin MAX must be added

  • Please, send tech issues to the support with all details: package name, and deep description of the problem. Thanks

  • @RomanJuly I contacted andromo support, I sent them screenshots and they confirmed to me that everything was configured well but still for over 3 weeks there is no single result on fun bidding with admob

  • I followed the directions completely and have not gotten a single Facebook ad impression. The status on Facebook still shows "Idle", meaning it hasn't received any requests. Are you sure FAN bidding is configured correctly in Andromo? It doesn't seem like it's working for any of us.

  • atlas This is true There might be a problem on andromo side. on the audience network, it still shows Bidding hasn't been set up for some placements yet everything was set colectly.


  • Ok, I've been playing around with placements and ad spaces and settings and I've now gotten "ad requests" on my Facebook native ads (but zero impressions), but banner and interstitial ads haven't gotten any ad requests yet. I'm hoping it just takes a couple days on Facebook's side to start serving ads.

  • Update: starting to get impressions on the native ads from Facebook. Still nothing from the banner and interstitial ads, but I think there's just a 1-2 day lag from Facebook to start showing ads.

  • More ads between Facebook Ads and Admob are not working yet

    Please fix the problem as soon as possible

    I called you but no one answered

    September 30th stops Facebook ads

    Please fix the further problem between Facebook Ads

  • Still not getting banner or interstitial ads. Definitely a problem with Andromo and not Facebook. It would be nice if the Andromo team actually took these issues seriously.

  • Same results with Mopub-FAN integration. It took around 14 working days for Mopub to approve the account. However, even after approval, the Andromo integration is not detected by Mopub and its still showing the prompt to 'integrate SDK'

    Tried with Test Ad units as well, but still its not showing anything impressions.

  • @atlas @DrSharonBaisilMD hello. Provide please links to your apps (example https://builder.andromo.com/#/projectV3/1618465). I will investigate that issues.

  • @user_#358954 https://builder.andromo.com/#/projectV3/1494004

    I removed the native ad from my project, but the banner and interstitial ads are still in there (not getting facebook impressions)

  • please add unity ads

  • DrSharonBaisilMD Also facing the same problem, the account was approved but Andromo integration is not detected by Mopub and still showing the prompt to 'integrate SDK. did you get the solution?


  • @atlas thank you for providing link. Going to investigate the issue.

  • @atlas hello.

    I have found one issue, and fix is pushed to production.

    Also for double check I have integrated Mediation test suite.

    From screenshots you can see that Admob Facebook bidding is integrated correctly.

    So if you still will not see impressions from Facebook - check your mediation configuration or contact Admob / Facebook support.

    PS. Warnings near AdMob Waterfall - no fill rate.

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