What would you like to see added to Andromo?



  • Amazon ad  its much better then admob! I hope we can have it soon.

  • That woud be cool to try!
  • But AdMob is very good also, if you have the volume. One of my apps brings about $70 per month from AdMob alone. If I had more installs and users, it would be even better.
  • Integration with Socialize (http://getsocialize.com/) i.e. able to implement this mobile social platform easily using Andromo
  • Looks good and useful!
  • What is needed most is the ability to create an iOS app as well as a droid app from the same project. Adobe has been pushing the Creative Cloud which enables users to create iOS apps from projects made with Adobe software. (Adobe is the best software company in the world.) Supposedly by the end of the year Adobe will enable the creation of droid apps too. 

    That will be a difficult service to beat without the capability to create apps for both iOS and droid.
  • what is very important for me is  to use youtube single video into the youtube activities video and not an entire channel. this will change dramatically the effectiveness of an app related to videos. i know you can place youtube single youtube videos in the custom page activity but the format outcome is not the best. i hope you connsider that very seriously.

    second , what about games? anything on the schedule to produce simple at first games without coding?

  • Hello,

    here are a few suggestions:

    1) Cloning Apps: If I have a free app, with basic functions and I want to create an extended (purchasable) app, I need to create the app all over again with basic and extended features (I can't sell apps yet in my country, but I will distribute my apps to a country where people can sell apps).

    2) Google In-app & Amazon In-app Billing: I'm not sure if this can be used to upgrade apps, but I could sure find some stuff on Amazon to sell. :)

  • Hello,

    in-app YouTube player, so the app can show ads while users are watching videos. This is what my friend does with many of his apps and it is HUGE. People mostly watch 5-10 minute clips in his app and that portion of his app has the highest CTR.

    Native Amazon links
    : It would be cool if you cold add Amazon Activity. Leaving the links in the app as Google Play activities doesn't work for me. :( I've got an email from Amazon asking me to correct the links.

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    I generally don't like to pollute this thread with responses (it's a brain storming bucket), but I did want to point out:

    > in-app YouTube player, so the app can show ads while users are
    watching videos. This is what my friend does with many of his apps and
    it is HUGE. People mostly watch 5-10 minute clips in his app and that
    portion of his app has the highest CTR.

    Unfortunately, this is against the YouTube terms of service... He'll get shut down for doing that eventually - and if he's using AdMob, they'll simply confiscate his earnings too...

    > Native Amazon links: It would be cool if you cold add Amazon Activity. Leaving the links in the app as Google Play activities doesn't work for me. I've got an email from Amazon asking me to correct the links.

    The current version of Andromo's Google Play activity will automatically translate this for you to an Amazon link if running on a Kindle Fire. Just click 'build'...
  • Thanks for the reply, Colin, I wasn't aware of that. He already had one of his accounts suspended, but that was mainly because he was using trademarked names in app titles. Maybe the in-app player helped that Google didn't think twice before banning him.
  • i could use a html5 based quiz activity .multiple choise questions and a timer 
  • Batch upload for the Photo Gallery. I have hundreads of photos to upload, and it takes ages to upload them one by one.
  • Some of my suggestions have been posted by others and I am just adding my voice to them

    More customisation to main screen....i.e. icon sizes and placement..also a text area to put a welcome message

    Create a new project from an existing project  ..i.e. I am using the free version to create the app at the mo to get it working, if I get it to a satisfactory state, I would consider subscribing to remove the ads in a new build. 

    As a radio station I would like to see the following 

    Ability to send us an email from inside the app, to send requests / shoutouts, if possible with the option to record their own voice

    Push notification / reminder facility of when a favourite show is on

    On the shoutcast player page, the ability to put something there instead of having only the background image.   Suggestions for this -  
    • the current days schedule, which auto updates dependent on the time where we are based not where the user is, in case of time zone differences.
    • An image of the current playing show, which would have to be time dependant again  (i.e. when creating the app we say what picture is shown and at what time - again times would be in the timezone we set not necessarily the users.
    • A visual graphic equalizer  (if none of the above are possible)

  • An extra suggestion, would be a dedicated quit button, which would come in especially useful from custom HTML pages, as the way it is now I have to keep pressing back to go through all pages visited, then it goes back through any other activities I went to,  before it will quit
  • @pob13 Hi! You can just push the "home" button on your phone and you're out.
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    That leaves the app running in the background, I'm after an actual quit option.

    Lorne has give me a solution that isn't obvious    Click the app icon in the action bar to go back to the dashboard, then the user can press the normal back button once to quit.

    I can make a work around for now with a link to take the user back to the dashboard from the html code, but would be better to have an explicit quit option
  • See my response to your post in the other thread. Properly designed Android apps aren't supposed to be killed, it would drain more battery if they did.
  • not if there is streaming in the app...see my reply to your reply
  • Make Andromo app available for NOOK app store (simple add-on to Android SDK)

  • I would like to see a preview feature. So that way we could see what our apps look like before we hit build. Would be efficient that way.
  • How about live wallpapers?
  • I'm joining in for the "preview" feature and live wallpapers. :)
  • Assign Ringtones to specific contacts (with 1 click).
    The way it needs to be done now is very complicated and I had a few customers complaining about it.

  • Everybody that wants the feature to DUPLICATE APPS, for example, for the purpose of Lite and pro versions please go here and let them know!
  • Simple change but powerful.
    At the moment we can make an  html front page and link nested functionsbelow  that. But Andromo does a fine job if home screensso  what is really needed is the option to exclude some pages from the start list.

    That way we can have Andromo honepage and html submenus but still use andromo features without them all appearing on the home screen by default.

    Easy one?
  • Please make the "My Projects" searchable or sortable!
    When you have over 300 apps you either need a very, very good memory or you need to scroll through dozens of pages to find older apps.

    I am sure that is a very easy feature and could be done in no time!
  • Multilanguage is one thing i miss.
  • Native Video Player - I know videos can get huge but perhaps offer embedding of 10megs or less or streaming from a url of a mp4 format video. Ie Amazon S3 video embedded streaming

    Allow ads during watching the video. Using a custom page to stream videos is not the answer I own so many video players for html 5 its not even funny, the issue is not all Andorid devices work properly so a native player would be the icing on the cake. And the HTML 5 markup doesn't always work as intended ie auto play

    Accelerated Direct Canvas - Ok not many will follow just how important this would be. But to have a direct accelerated web canvas for HTML 5 would be awesome. Think phone gap, Cocoon JS to name a few, you will be able to embed so much more interacted content with a accelerated direct canvas. I don't expect you guys to make a full Web GL web canvas (would be awesome if you did)

    Single YouTube Video Player - The top two are more important to me, but as mentioned earlier in this post l, play single YouTube videos instead of having to show entire channels

    Better Ad Networks - I get it, you guys meant well, but Tapgage and Pingjam is not cutting it. How about AppLovin and Leadbolt? Keep Admob & MobPartner.

    Leadbolt has video ads, audio ads, intertesial ads, icon ads, notification ads , app walls and more. I made over $13k on one app with Leadbolt so I know they pay and it works - Youtube video on it : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LV6oYgmZsbw

  • fix the share button failing in Amazon as it links to Google play
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