The Best App Market places for my App?

It has to be said, that as soon as I uploaded my apps to multiple market places - My downloads have BOOMED!

AMAZON is a fantastic place for getting downloads, SO MANY Kindle users have my app that i have optimised EVERYTHING to look good on a kindle.
I presume it is just the shear size of Amazon that gets me such exposure.

OPERA is also a great place for downloads - The advertising on OPERA is GREAT!  I paid $10 for a week long campaign and it gave me 150 downloads - which works out at $0.06 (£0.04) per download.  SO, my next campaign will be $25 for 3 weeks!  Remembering though that i wont continuously be paying for advertising - it is just a great way of getting those initial downloads, because something people look at to try and see if your app is worth downloading is "How many downloads has this app already had?"

BUT!!!!!!!   I have now uploaded my Apps to SAMSUNG APPS - And it has exploded!!!   -   1200 downloads in ONE WEEK!
The only thing about SamSung App Store is it takes about 10 days for them to approve your app.

SOC.IO - this is another great appstore to use, i have 100 downloads in about 3 weeks.

Some others worth trying (after Amazon, Opera, and Samsung) are Mobango, Aptoide, andapponline).

If anyone gives this a try and gets stuck - let me know - i'll help if i can!

Andromo Rocks!



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    I've just checked my Opera account and I had few downloads in the last week (maybe 20 in total). So, as I said earlier, it's not a very good platform for me.

    Amazon is relatively good for, but achieving only about 1/10 or 1/8 of my Google Play volume. However, one of my paid apps is performing there better, than a lot of my free apps. :)

    I've just registered to Samsung. It didn't even cross my mind so thanks for mentioning it. I've uploaded one of my better performing apps so let's see what will happen (total time spend for registering and uploading was about an hour and a half). However their process is much more detailed than Google's. I guess it's something like Apple Store.

    I'm about to try tomorrow.
  • One thing I have noticed is when trying to attain stats using Google Analytics.
    All Marketplaces except Android and Amazon are lumped together as "Not Set" label.
    But each store gives you stats for that store - still would be nice for Google to ascertain this info.
  • I've just had my first app approved on Samsung and waiting to see what will happen. Yey! :)
  • Here's a link to a webpage about AppStores, QI plus could be useful resource:

  • Very useful, thank you very much!
  • Samsung is great, guys! GP is the king, Samsung is also bringing in a lot of downloads, Amazon is so-so for me, and others I didn't try yet.
  • I don't think anyone's mentioned whether they're talking about free or paid apps? Which ones (other than Google, Amazon, and B&N) are doing the best for paid apps?
  • Is there any fee for distributing  free app on opera mini app store?
  • No its free
  • @tholyoak: How would you compare Amazon and B&N in regard to sales? Which one performs better? I have 5 paid apps on Amazon, but only one is having daily sales.
  • @hendrixs: B&N used to be the best for me. But in the last few months Amazon has become the best. Both of them have always outperformed Google. It's definitely nice to have income from all 3, though.
  • @tholyoak: I haven't tried B&N yet, but I will give it a try. So far, only one app (out of 4) is selling on a daily basis. With other 3, I missed completely (meditation, paleo, detox). I could make more apps like the best selling one, but since it plays various music sounds (CC and bought), it uses something like 300 GB of bandwith at HostGator. I've contacted them about this and they said it's no problem, however, I'm not sure, if they would be happy, if I'd suddenly increase the monthly traffic to 1 TB.

    I know this is a bit off-topic, but does anyone know, where is it best to store MP3 files? Is a normal hosting plan with "unlimited" bandwidth OK?

  • You might look into using Amazon Web Services. Their EC2 service, with or without Cloudfront, is a pretty cheap, reliable, and fast way to store/deliver content. It's actually what it's made for, versus a regular hosting account that's running scripts and things.
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    @tamworthheat ... FYI
    The $0.05 advertising with Opera IS NOT CPD (Cost per Download)!!!!
    It is actually only a CPC = Click on Download Button.

    I had a skype conversation yesterday with Opera (since I complained about the results and that I don't see any increase in ad revenue. So they told me, "that cost per download, is the wrong wording. it's only a click to the download button we are charging you for".

    If it works for you, great!! I haven't been to happy about it with my first trial.
    Maybe I give it another try with different apps. Not sure yet ....
  • @sylviathewitch
    Thats weird. In my case the download numbers from the campaign matches the increased number of downloads showing on the products dashboard. Small amounts though - average of about 15 per day.
  • @tholyoak Thanks! I wish I knew this before. :) I was contacted by Amazon that I have an app, which they would like to make a "free app of the day". They say that on average, such app gets 150.000 downloads in that day alone. However, if I only had 1/10th of that, it would surely destroy my HostGator account, so I can't participate now.

    I will review the AWS ASAP. Thanks again.
  • In my opinion, (with only 10 days of experience) but 9-10 apps online, apps downloads seem to be in the following order, from more to less:

    1. SamsungApps
    2. GetJar
    3. Google Play
    4. Opera
    6. Amazon
    7. Mobango
  • Thanks for your input. Opera is good for you? My total downloads in 5 months for each app are smaller than I get on Google Play every single day. Has Opera now migrated to Yandex? They said that they will migrate all my apps but nothing has happened.
  • Opera is slightly lower than Gplay, but it seems generating many downloads for apps which are quite a failure in Gplay. Normal apps which go kinda well in Gplay have less downloads in Opera. I dont know why.

    The real surprise is the size of samsungapps. Honestly, last time I checked, I had 11 apps in Gplay with total downloads at 150 pieces or so, in samsungapps I got 1600 downloads but only from 6 apps! This is because apps are slower in getting accepted. Also, imagine, form those 6 apps online in Samsung, the 4 had only 2 days there!

    Getjar is also impressive. I get, steadily now, every day 150 downloads+. Every single day!
  • @anteos - thanks for the useful info. Samsung Apps, in my experience, does well for the first few weeks, but then it slows down a little. I'll try and Getjar next.
  • is quick and easy with a steady stream of downloads (for me anyway).
    It seems to be scandinavian (make sure you change language to English)
  • @hendrixs - sorry, I just realized I meant Amazon S3, not EC2. S3 is storage space and EC2 is virtual machines. I use both for different things, so I sometimes get the names confused. :)
  • @tholyoak - Thanks, this will be useful :)
  • I've just received an e-mail from these guys:!home/mainPage

    They will let users run Android apps on any kind of OS. They promise millions of new people to reach. :)
  • @hendrixs Nice 1 - Ive signed up, we'll see what happens
  • Is there any chance of implementing the Amazon Developer Select Program - It looks awsome - I could get a lot out of that!
  • Thanks @hendrixs for the link!
    I signed up for the openmobile and just got an email.
    Android's open source allows us to use pieces of the technology so we
    can enable on multiple channels (Tizen, webOS, Win, etc...).  In the
    case of Tizen, analysts are predicting more than 20 million devices sold
    in the first year.  Your Android catalog will be accessible on the
    Tizen platform - and not risk to you.  We have more distribution
    channels coming on board in the next month or two.
    A good number of my apps is already in the portal, so let's wait and see :-)

  • @sylviathewitch: I haven't had the chance to try it out yet. Will do it ASAP!

    By the way, how are your download on Opera / Yandex?
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