The Best App Market places for my App?



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    the way, how are your download on Opera / Yandex? - See more at: the way, how are your download on Opera / Yandex?
    Not very impressive!
    The first huge problem is, that they "cache" the
    ads and if you only set a small budget (that's what you usually do to
    try something new!) than they cannot stop the campaign on time and you
    get charged 2,5 times what you set as "max. budget".

    I had two campaigns running, both with $5.00 max budget and one cost me $13.00 and the other one $9.00.

    On my second try I created some more campaigns and gave them strict "country settings".
    Those were ok budget wise, but I simply didnt see real results.

    one app I had 400 so called downloads within a day, but I havent had a
    single impression more on my admob account, actually I had less than the
    day before.

    If 400 people really download an app you should see at least more impressions, even if you dont have extra clicks/income.

    Maybe it works for others, but it didnt for me.
  • I have to say that advertising on Opera worked really well for me.  I targeted just USA with great results.  It worked out at 0.06$ per install (0.04£) CHEAP!   -  It also seemed to give my other apps some exposure as they all performed rather well during the 2 week period of campaign.
  • Guys anyone having apps on applandinc? It seems requiring Swedish translation so I cant seem to find a way to upload there
  • I am on there.  There is a setting to change the default language to ENGLISH.
  • Thank will check it out
  • I've started uploading my apps to various app stores (SlideMe, GetJar, Mobango,, CNET, etc.).

    I can't find this info anywhere, but are all these app stores "compatible" with AdMob and Amazon ads? I've read app store TOS and AdMob TOS and don't find anything, which would prevent us from using ads anywhere else, except on Google Play or Amazon.

  • I have not had any problems with those markets and have not seen any info regarding issues with ads on apps I publish there.

    By the way, slideme accepts andromo apps now? I had read that it doesn't so I never uploaded there
  • @anteos: Thanks for the info! I haven't uploaded any Andromo apps yet on SlideMe, only two custom made games. But I think there should be no problems on SlideMe, if apps are good quality. I'll report back how it goes.
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    I tried Slide-Me six months ago and it said it was incompatible.  I'll try again though, hope they do it's a big Market Place.

    Info about Marketplaces:

    The Ads in your Apps are not affected by these AppStores.  You can however (if you program your own apps) include their SDK's and monetize in their specific way
  • SlideMe:

    *APPLICATION BUILDERS: Applications created using third-party web application

    builders (such as Andromo, AppBuilder, AppGeyser, AppInventor, AppMaker,

    AppsBar, AppYet, Conduit,, iBuild, LookSomething, SeattleCloud,

    Tiggzi, etc.) rather than developed with native code by the account users are

    no longer being accepted on SlideME.

    They forbid my app I tried so I guess farewell to them
  • Yep I got that when I tried again.  Their loss!
  • Maybe our loss too since they seem quite large but oh well...
    Can you please tell me any other markets? I need to check CNET and I want to find a way to upload into the large Chinese stores mentioned in the link you had shared. (tencent, hiapk, etc)

     I cannot find English version of their sites :(
  • This link has ALL available Android Market places.  Beware - If you upload to China, you cannot use Google services such as G+, Maps and others.

  • @anteos @tamworthheat Thanks for the info about SlideMe. I waited for my first app approval and now I'll upload my second game. Too bad I won't be able to upload Andromo built apps. :-( It has a native code so I don't understand their problem with it.
  • Now I am checking into pandaapp (seems requiring an link so I first "showed" to appbrain where my gplay apps are) and AppsLib (have uploaded 5 apps and I will report on how well or bad it goes)
  • Guys I am thinking of creating a paid app soon... thing is I am lost as to where I will upload it.
    Amazon seems OK but the downloads I get for my free apps (too few) indicate that I won't get sales there.
    Samsung apps downloads are high, but the fees are high too, judging by what I saw somewhere here in the forums.
    GPlay downloads aren't very good but either way I cannot sell at gplay due to my region

    Any suggestions from someone please?
  • @anteos If you can't get downloads for your free apps, good luck with your paid apps  ;)
    Seriously, if  Amazon or any other appstore is not yielding basic results then you have to change.
    Whatever it is you change, could be really simple like your keywords in your description, having a proper full and short description, even the way your description looks on the page can make a difference but keywords are key.
    I have a technology app and because it is a very general subject it is harder to write a good description that stands out but I regularly change the description with current keywords that people are searching for such as, What is better? XBox One or PS4? Find out, Read all the reviews here! Download now!  It works...

  • Thank you for your reply; don't get me wrong, I am satisfied with my downloads, but they are kinda spread between 10 android markets without one standing out except SamsungApps.
    I will take in account what you said about keywords, I actually chose good ones but thought they don't really make a serious change.
    Where do you choose to sell your paid apps, if I may ask?
  • I upload my paid apps to all appstores aswell as free ones.  But i need a different strategy for paid apps.  Unless you have something worth more than the money you charge its very difficult to get paid apps to perform.
    If you have free apps that offer the user to upgrade to a premium app this has worked best for me.  Giving as much as possible away for free and tempting users with more premium content for the paid app.
    It's no longer viable to charge for apps that just "dont have ads" like i used to do.

    For me, I really hope Andromo includes In-App purchases at some point, even if its just amazon, this is the best way of making money IMHO.
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    Thank you
    Thing is, with every market having a different "cash-out tank" of usually $50 minimum, do you find it easy to be paid by all and doesn't it involve much tax/bank/payment settings?
  • Yep, Amazon IAP would be awesome. A goldmine, I'm sure. Guys, some of my Andromo apps are doing better than my 1k USD custom made game app (and it's a good income app). If we only had IAP... :-)

    Anyway, I have about 20 apps on Amazon, and 4 of those (free) are doing really well, while others are so-so (but on GP, all of them are doing well). However, one of my paid apps is doing better than most free apps. :) So @anteos, do your best and hope for the best. It's a hit and miss game.
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    @anteos ;
    This only applies if you create your own apps in Eclipse and include the app stores particular SDK file.
    Your payments for your Admob Ads has nothing to do with the appstore. You just upload your Andromo apps to get exposure / downloads, nothing else. (Also, each appstore has it's own advertising, so you can pay for an advertising campaign for that particular appstore).
  • @tamworthheat

    I know that, but if you sell an app in many markets, I think each has a payout limit and each probably asks for tax or bank or other payment settings.
    Thing is, I want to make one app for a selling attempt on one market only, at first-  which market to choose?

    Btw thank you all for your help, I am glad I found this community to be helpful at all times. I try to help, with those few I know, new members in here as well
  • How are you doing income wise daily now Henrik? I'm upto nearly $2,000 daily with my mobile methods, but I've got some ideas for using andromo again to expand that to $3,000 a day.

    I've got to try the many android app stores, maybe I could increase income by 50-100%

    Shame about slideME.
  • @lookzor: Hey man, congrats, that's is impressive! I'm doing fine, thanks, Andromo really helped to up my earnings with introducing interstitial ads. I'm doing about 150 USD per day now.
  • @lookzor are you serious, nearly $200o a day only with apps? That´s unbelievable.

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    @djlfpro21: This guy is smart. :) He thinks out of the box. It's not only Andromo for him.
  • Opera added a new feature when adding apps:

    Platform -> Android on Google Play

    If I choose this option, then I don't need to upload a APK file. I can't find any info in regard to this. Does anyone understand, how it works?

  • By the way, to everyone who has published their apps on alternative stores - are there any negative sides to it? I don't have anything special on my mind, just wondering. :)
  • Seems none at all. I even tried stores which are widely UNpopular (they brought 3 downloads on 17 apps in 15 days ) :) I cant seem to find a disadvantage over it.

    Yesterday I was contacted by someone at moborobo who asked if they got my permission to list my Google Play apps in their market. I replied yes.
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