What would you like to see added to Andromo?

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What would you like to see added to Andromo? What new features would help you make better Android apps?

This forum category is here so you can post your feature requests, suggestions, bug reports and other issues.

We'll look at them all and see what we can do!



  • Activity linking directly into a Google calendar. I've achieved this by linking to a calendar already on a web site but I think a direct link would be simpler and perhaps more flexible.
  • I want the music player.
  • Excellent - Please keep the suggestions coming! We're working on the Music Player right now - it's about 99% done as far as the Android code and builder goes, it's just the web interface that needs to get finished up so you can actually add it to your Andromo project...
  • I'm trying to use this to produce documentation. There's very little in the way of online-help generation tools currently available for mobile devices. To that end I've been using your "HTML Archive" activity, however it's missing some key pieces that would be extremely helpful.

    First, there should be the option to launch the specified index file with the apk file starts instead of providing icon(s) for launching the archive(s). I only have one website I need to launch, and I want it to start immediately.

    Second, sizing is a major problem, and maybe this is for the HTML code, but it would be really helpful if the browser window would zoom to a specific size. Is there some way you can specify this? 

    Third, is there some way to include an "exit" button to close the application? 
  • Option on Maps to Navigate to chosen addresses. Or option to Link straight into Google maps app rather than the in app map.

    Also the option to create folders, rather than having all buttons on the main home page.

    I'm new, so if there is a way to do any of the above let me know! :) 
  • The App being able to have the popup Notifications. (like you get when you get a email etc) So if you have a RSS feed it will popup and tell you that its been updated.



  • Found the Navigate/Direction options, However it would be better if it used google maps app for directions, and also not have to tap on the local icon at the top before being able to choose one of the options.
  • A Game creator? on the contrary, i just created a app with Youtube Urls with it but i can't see to see the videos. why?
  • I like the notification feed and if you guys could add facebook like and twitter follow

    Also chat for users it would be damn good
  • I would like to see a simple message board/forum added to the app, one like the one one the quitnow app
  • The other thing that would be nice would be the ability to add live wallpapers for download in the app's
  • I think that an integrated update function would be good if your app is not available in the Android Market.
  • Great suggestions here... We'll do what we can - the most requested things first - so, if you have a favourite idea, post it here.
  • So far so good...

    A couple of things.

    • The ability to have a sub menu for different areas. Main screen can get cluttered.
    • I also like the rss update info.
    • Add ability for a forum.
  • Be nice to have the ablity to create a custom form for group texting and emailing for business etc.

    Database input and display output to a custom page layout.

  • FYI - The Audio Activity is now available in Andromo. You can now easily add Music Players and Sound Boards to your Android apps!
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    In the maps activity it would be nice to have a way to upload a file that had all the information in it needed.  Instead of putting each location on there separately.  

    Also sub menus would be VERY nice.
  • The ability to stream .pls stations in our programs here.


  • Currently your app doesn't support unicode. That keeps a very large audience away from you. If you start supporting unicode, people will create more apps with your site. Do consider this.
  • @esafwan: Actually Andromo does support unicode (UTF-8), however not all Android device fonts have glyphs for all UTF-8 characters. (Any characters that are missing from a font's glyph set will show up as a little square.)
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    • Integrate Google calendar
    • Groups/filters/layers for the map.  I'd like to be able to show/hide all the parking lots, academic buildings, emergency phones, etc. on our campus.  
    • This may be a seriously stupid request (given the name of the company), but being able to export to iOS would be huge
    • Fullscreen slideshow of Flickr stream
    • Ability to for developers to disable items in the dashboard instead of permanently deleting them
    • Bulk import of map locations (by address, lat/long, etc) with .csv, .kml, or other formats
    • Toggle between the map view and a list of locations.  Integrate a "Directions to here" link
    • Allow custom icons for map locations 
    • Allow more granular styling of RSS feeds
    • "Send us your photo!" activity.  Possibly include video and audio options for users to submit their own content.
    • LDAP integration/search
    Andromo is incredibly elegant already!  This really seems like a game-changer in the mobile world.
  • as already send through support as suggestion . A function for setting sounds from soundboard/music player to ringtone on long click of th sound. 
  • It should be easier for people who dont know anything about this to develop
  • I think the push notification will be a must
    • Set custom zoom level for map
    • Add an option to auto-increment the version number on every build
    • Add "Send Text Message" as an activity, allowing the developer to pre-set the phone number and contents.  This could be used to create a "Text to donate" button.
  • It would be nice to be able to specifiy a splash screen image to load during app startup/load. Along with this, you should be able to specify how long (in seconds) the splash screen appears.

  •  someone posted..

    The ability to have a sub menu for different areas. Main screen can get cluttered.     I think that would be great.. it would really help out a lot
  • ability to access 'standard' apps such as email / sms services to send to possibly pre-programmed numbers, mail addresses for help / contact us etc - or abiity to add a contact and use that.

  • Streaming audio support would really make Andromo the go-to spot.
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