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  • Hi everyone! I have some andromo apps for a long time and this is one of my first comments here. I only have my apps on GP and Samsung. As I only use free apps with interstitial ads I can not use the amazon store.

    Does anyone have their apps on china markets? :) Does admob work well there?
  • @hendrixs How does Opera work for you? Is this because the other app stores did not deliver enough downloads? Of was it too much effort to maintain them all?
  • @casan9va Amazon accepts free apps with interstitial ads, I have some of mine up there.

    It's difficult to break into China without a translated app. AdMob does work there as well.
  • @mark: I could not live from Opera alone. It's about 1/100th from what I get on GP. Other app stores were even worse. If it would be worth it, I would not mind to maintain the portfolio.
  • Guys do you use amazon ads in all apps regardless where you upload them, or you only use them when submitting to Amazon Apps website? It occurred to me that I might be losing income since I include amazon ads in all Android markets submissions.
  • I only use Amazon ads when uploaded to Amazon store.
  • @anteos: sometimes I use them in Amazon Appstore only and sometimes I mix them in with all other Appstore versions.
  • OK thank you both I think I will start using amazon ads only for amazon apps.
  • Does anyone here have any experience with Mikandi (adult app store)? @sylviathewitch, what do you think, is it possible to get at least 100 DL/day for a free "soft" app? As far as I can tell, Mikandi is more about "hard" stuff, but I won't make those kind of apps (it's also against Andromo's TOS, AFAIK).

    Please share your experiences, if you have any. :) Thanks.
  • I have, so I have an app for online sexshop but tbh I never bother to check downloads as store doesn't exist any more. Its huge market and its very easy to publish an app. How would you get monetize from that?
  • @f1_fan: I would put an affiliate link in it to a certain product. Do you only have one app or more? I'm interested if the store is well and alive and if 100 DL/day are possible.

    Also, anyone with experiences on Mobile9 Appstore?

  • I have/had one. I don't care about that any more. I think that sex business is huge and especialy if u will offer free app. I would say you may hit target all depends on the content. Now GetJar accepts nude/sexish apps also. But it's pain on the ass to publish app due to pic resolutions.
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    OK, will try it and see how it goes. :) Thanks for the info.
  • no problem mate
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    Try AppsLib - I haven't any xp of my own but they do accept those kind of apps...
    Here is a Copy/Paste of a comment I made earlier in this thread...

    I have seen some comments about apps that are "grey area" or a bit sexy, well i just noticed this:

    Appslib - 

    "...Apps are categorized and there’s even an adult section, which is PIN protected. You can also pay for apps using PayPal..." 

  • Thanks, this will be useful. Any other app stores that are Adult friendly?
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    Anyone knows advertisement option for those kind of apps?
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    Thanks, f1_fan.

    OK, so far we have these adult friendly app stores:

    - Mikandi
    - AdultAppMart
    - AppsLib
    - GetJar

    Any more? I guess these 4 should be a good starting point.
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    Hey guys, did anyone try Nokia App Store? If yes, could you please share your experience?

    What about Mobile9 and AppsLib? Are they any good?

    As before, the only real good alternative for me so far is Samsung Appstore. I also hear Chinese app stores are OK (especially for games), but they don't support English language, so if you want to upload anything there, you'll either need to know Chinese language or you need to hire someone from there to get your app uploaded. :) A friend of mine was earning 75 USD/day only after a week with one of his games.

  • @hendrixs : Hi, yes I submitted 12 apps to Nokia last week and this morning I received already 8 messages from them that my apps are published in Nokia store (for each app submitted they send a message).Too soon to see the performance but I will report later.
    Regarding the China market, you can use Chrome to auto-translate the page for submission but the problem (for me) is they ask for mobile number (chinese) where to send you a PIN or something to verify your account and others are asking for some Social Number (chinese as well) or national ID so I'm not sure how to pass this to open a developer account.
    Could help a lot if you can ask your friend how he did it.
    Thanks and good luck to all.
  • @pvlalina: Thanks for the reply. I've received my Nokia Store credentials automatically, but they don't work. :-/ I've sent them a message about it and I'm still waiting for a reply. Please let us know when you'll have more data.

    My friend is a dev from India who knows a dev in China. He published his app on his own Chinese account. Hope this helps somewhat.
  • @hendrixs : Thank you for info.I will try to find some Chinese people on fiverr who may want to register an account for me.If it's working I will post here.
    Also do you know if your friend use Admob for his game in China market? From what I know Adsense/Admob are acting like crazy when Chinese traffic is involved - I'm talking about websites traffic, not sure if is the same thing when mobile traffic is involved.
  • @pvlalina: He uses AdMob and Chartboost as far as I know. At least that's what he uses for Google Play.
  • My site has grown to 260 members and 500 visitors a day.
  • Has anyone managed to find a way to submit apps at Snappcloud? I am getting some random pages about API etc and I cannot understand where the market is.
  • Did anyone try the Nokia Store? Any luck?

    I'm discontinuing all stores except for the big three - GP, Samsung, Amazon. I just didn't find any success there with my apps. My most downloaded app on a alternative app store had in 6 month as much downloads as it has on GP in 4 or 5 days. I'd be very happy if alternative app stores would perform better for me, but sadly, they don't.
  • Nokia is not performing well so far ( 2 downloads only, 42 apps, 2 weeks).
    But who knows, maybe it starts gaining some popularity soon.
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    Wow 2 downloads in 2 weeks that's quite horrible , a putrid slimy flavor indeed. You can get more downloads just tweeting your apps on twitter. Man you put a lot of work 42 apps , the downloads seem very funky . Nokia better get it's act together.
  • Thanks for sharing, @anteos, much appreciated.
  • well I would request andromo to help as to monetize our apps with Revmob too , I have heard good report of Revmob is fast showing earnings and prom too send instantly after  30 days without asking cash revenues ,
    ( its just an suggestion Request )
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