What would you like to see added to Andromo?



  • I think a "search engine" in the andromo page "my proyects" may be very interesting.

    Mainly for the people who has a lot of apps.

  • I would like to be able to add language support. In other words if a user has their phone langauge set to spanisj, then the menu text will be in spanish (you set the text for several languages in options)
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    wakelock in html: so when users screenlocks they don't get signed out of chat (well in my app anyway, but other users may have a purpose for a wakelock in html).

    Playback controls: such as pause and resume when headphones are plugged in or unplugged.

    What's new dialogue when user updates the app, because not everyone reads the whats new section in playstore.

    Support for chromecast.

    Material design updates.

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    @allthingswireless thats a great suggestion, lets hope andromo implements that feature.

  • According to Google it's fairly easy to enable the Demographics reports. Here's the message from Google Analytics:

    "Your Demographics and Interest Reports have been enabled, but your Analytics tracking code does not include the necessary support to show them. Learn more about the simple, one-line, one-time change to your tracking code to add this support." Here's the link: https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/2444872?hl=en&utm_id=ad#app

    This is a sample report: http://prntscr.com/7h7026

    This could be very useful and if it's not that hard to add, could you please implement this feature in one of the upcoming updates?

  • Well its good to hear that andromo is being viral for the Android Apps Development in a web interface.

    Since all the activities/functions which is listed are very strong and useful too ! But apart that some more activities/functions should be added .

    Here are some which i suggest to be added :

    *New dashboard styles
    *A instant chat to developer for feedback
    *A chat activity for business or office discussions
    *Freedom to choose share text
    *Activity which allows pictures to be converted into ripple effect live wallpaper
    *PowerPoint Activity to show presentations
    *Add a splash screen activity
    *Add a sidebar for listing activities
    *Widget for a particular activity
    *Calender activity
    *QR Code Scanner activity

    These were some of my suggestions to make andromo more popular than other web interface android development companies.
  • While the new option to toggle building and/or displaying activities is terrific, it would be nice to be able to toggle multiple activities off/on without having to go into each one individually.

    In-app purchasing to turn off ads would also be great. It seems people are more likely to pay within an app they already have than to go buy a different one.

    And supporting bluetooth controls in audio activities (at least play/pause) would also be nice.
  • Just a bump for the Demographics reports. :) I have a new app that's just for the ladies, and it would be useful to know which of my other apps has most female users, so I could promote it there more heavily. According to Google, that's a "simple, one-line, one-time change."
  • @hendrixs: heh, as usual it's not quite that simple (you also need to properly notify your users, allow them to opt out, etc.). It may also require additional library updates, which may not be possible unless/until we can get around some limitations in the underlying build system.
  • @lorne: Thanks for checking it out. Ah, then just put it on the bottom of your to-do list, if at all. ;) It's a nice feature, tho.
  • add new monetization ogury, this is CPM $15 for only 1000 impression. please add this
  • I would love to see the 'Custom Page Activity' to have multiple pages within so that 1 Activity can have multiple pages not just one. I tried the HTML archive but don't like the result am getting. Thanks

  • A good Database import facility ( with CSV) files
    Chapters and verses that can be indexed and searched,adjustable Font size ?

    You are underestimating the demand for e-book creators and their needs

    No Reseller packages?
    Can you make the Andromo logo a bit discrete? Gets in the eyes !!
    should be in the about page
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    Multilingual support in a way that the user could choose in which language does he/she want to use the app. I'm not sure how this could be pulled off, it's just something it would be cool to have, since a lot of opportunities lie in South American / EU / Asian markets.

    Maybe an option could be added to choose which languages do we want to support and then we'd add activities / HTML content for each language.

    Does anyone else think this would be useful?

    EDIT: Google is now also talking more and more about the importance of localization and the use of Material Design. In one of their latest case studies Material Design helped to improve DL's by 44% and up the ratings from 2.8 to 4.1 (or something like that) for one of the publishers.
  • An easier way to assign ringtones to specific contacts. That's something I always get requests for and sometimes negative ratings.
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    The Photo Gallery would need an overhaul in regard to how the wallpaper function works. Now, you can only set a small portion of the image as a wallpaper, instead of the whole picture (or am I missing something?). In most wallpaper apps you have the freedom to adjust the wallpaper size as you wish. But it seems that those app use their own solution instead of Android's built in wallpaper function (which Andromo apps use).

    EDIT: I think I was missing something indeed. While I was testing the Photo Gallery function in Genymotion, I was not able to set image as a full screen wallpaper, but as I tested the same app on my physical device, it worked. Hm. Well, I guess you can disregard this whole post? :)
  • podcast video please
  • I want to see Andromo Affiliate Program added, we'll signup thousands of people for you!!!
  • Any progress on more ad networks or ad units?
    Mobpartner, tapgage are almost obsolete now. Performance is so low and tapgage has even scammed developers off their revenue.

  • How hard would it be to achieve the following scenario in terms of code implementation?

    1. We have activated banners for Airpush, Admob and Amazon
    2. We have activated interstitials for Admob and Mobilecore

    At the bottom of the Monetization screen, you include something like:
    Banner Ads:
    Set banner ad network priority:  (and here we could select like)
    1> Admob, 2>Airpush, 3> Amazon

    Interstitial Ads:
    Set interstitial priority:
    1> Admob, 2> Mobilecore.

    This would be of great importance! The random allocation of ad networks is quite sophisticated but such implementation would let us somehow "mediate" based on what network we want to use as primary.

    1. Support for jQuery Mobile in HTML Archive uploads. No matter what I do and try, I cannot seem to get the referencing to work when I upload an HTML Archive that includes jQuery Mobile packaged with it. A good starting point for this would be to support the Kitchen Sink started jQuery Mobile app so that it works, and it is provided by jQuery Mobile online for free and is already bundled into a downloadable stand-alone folder structure.
    2. Support to download the app's code to save on your local machine.
    3. Support for more app layout templates.

  • i think so its upto the mark,Its good to be here for my Android apps
  • I would like to suggest FAN addition. Honestly, I cannot imagine something going wrong for the developers with a behemoth like Facebook. FAN is as essential as Admob is at the moment.

  • FAN would be cool, no doubt about it, and the SDK for FB advertisement.
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  • Hey guys, this is just a thought...After I looked at all the headings in the dashboard I was trying to think of what might be beneficial addition for andromo?  what if you guys had a few 'simple' games (like pre-designed) like tetris, asteroids, cut the rope,or etc, (you get the point) and were able to modify the pieces (bars, backgrounds, etc) to personalize each one, you could literally make thousands of spinoffs using the same structures.  As time were to move forward, instead of always having to re-invent the wheel, you could just maybe keep adding a few here and there, and presto you have a few selections!...anyways keep up the awesome work guys! (especially the updates!) :)
  • Need some sort of searchable database.  I have lots of info about certain items.  A user needs to be able to input key words and retrieve results pertaining to those specific key words.

    Almost like like a product listing.  The results would be links to a product item page that has Title, subtitle, paragraph, video or image and hyperlink.

    I would be able to list tags/keywords for each item so the right results appeared for each keyword.

    Simples!  (I'm sure :))
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    Two requests to consider, pretty please. :)

    1) Like @stephyap said, it would be very good, if we could choose to keep the interface in English, or even choose the language of the interface (force it, in a way). I can confirm from experience, than people get confused by the interface being shown in their native tongue, while the content is in another language. It's something that would make me, as a user, confused as well.

    2) I'm planning to do an AdWords campaign with a specialist from Google. One of the answers they wanted to have was about my app's demographic structure. Google Analytics has "Demographics and Interest Reports", but it needs to be enabled.

    This is how it looks like:


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    I'd just like to add, that without the Demographics and Interests Reports enabled, you basically don't know whom to advertise to. With this data, you can get good results much faster and with much less budget.
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