Facebook Audience Network Now Available in Andromo App Maker v4.6



  • If you have both of them going randomly in the same app, then you can compare. Because if FAN doesnt get a fill, you will still get Admob.
    I see far better eCPM on FAN, but of course I am happy that Admob fills in every unfilled request of FAN.
  • I'm in the process of adding FAN to one of my apps. I'm currently at step 3 (Placement Review - it's blue). I didn't see any test ads, I saw a real ad right from the beginning (unless they use real looking ads for testing purposes).

    So now I wait for up to 2 business days for FB to review my app & ad placements. Do they notify you when they approve (or god forbid, disapprove) the app? I guess I can upload the new version of my app once the "Go Live" (Step 4) turns blue, right?

  • @hendrixs
    Is the app online? They will only review it if they receive a request and the app is online and found at the spot they expect it to be based on the package name you entered in the Settings.
    Sometimes they ask for a URL of the app - you will be notified in the Alerts area if they ask for it, if they need test ads request and when it is approved. Also, it will pop as notification inside your FB account.

    What I usually do when I need approval, I send test request outside while testing it. Then I send it live and I input the URL of the app in the dashboard. It usually gets approved within one day.

    It is convenient, if the apps are similar style, to make one app, have it approved, and then keep adding palcement IDs for your other apps in that same App ID. It is convenient because  new placement IDs do not require approval, they are already approved.
  • Thanks, @anteos!

    Yep, the app was already online. I got it approved only a few hours later. They're fast!

    Now let's see how FAN performs. :)
  • I wish you get as good results as I do!
  • I hope so, too. I'll let you know. :)
  • Just to let you guys know, things seem to have changed since I had posted here with information from a support member of FAN. I had been told that we can use one App ID for many apps (but we would have possible issues identifying where the revenue comes from of course) as well as One App ID but many different placement IDs for each app.

    Lately some of my apps that were running in alternative stores and using the App ID of an app live in GP ran into problems. That App ID received alerts that the apps with particular package names are not approved. When I looked closer, the package names mentioned were form 4 of my apps that were using the same App ID. Those apps were not in GP.

    When I contacted support on the matter, I was told that
    All apps have to be in Google Play
    Apps in alternative stores will still show FAN ads, but they will only work if the same app also exists in GP
    Each app must have an App ID.

    I am in constant discussion with support because I have potential huge problem. All my apps are running net.xxx.xxx package name when in GP, but com.xxx.xxx package name in other stores. If FAN really decides to go weird on it, I could stop seeing ads in my com.xxx.xxx versions.

    I will let you guys know if I have a reply that makes sense.
  • Good to know, thanks, @anteos.

    It's a similar situation with Amazon Mobile Ads. The Application Key is tied to the package name, plus, the app must be published on Amazon Appstore.
  • OK, my com. versions are stopping to show FAN ads. Huge problem!
    Need to update 100+ apps, in 15+ alternative stores with a change pf package name, which in some stores will not be accepted because it will be considered a new app. There goes my summer rest now -.-
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    Sorry to hear that, @anteos. I know this can be very exhausting. But thanks for the info.

    My FAN ads are now live for a few days and so far, I'm really impressed. The eCPM for India (one of my main markets) is almost 80% higher than in AdMob.

    No wonder that people report anywhere from 30% to 300% higher earnings when they try mediation.

    I think I'll start gradually adding FAN to all my apps.
  • anteos sorry for the trouble you had with FAN. I know it's not the right time but any chance you tell us the 15 alternative stores you use?

  • @hendrixs
    I figured out that I will simply take my time and change package name on next update of the apps. Not a rush now, because the apps still have Admob and I won't be missing revenue really.

    FAN eCPM eventually will drop a little bit. But you will notice that it is always same or better than Admob. It is really an amazing alternative and I keep telling people, do not delay adding FAN. It really works.
  • @diasapps
    Sorry seems I had missed your post. Sorry for the delay.
    Mobango, opera, aptoide, getjar, amazon, samsung, mobile9, nexva, appslib, yandex, androidfreeware.net, socio, filedir, SK T-Store

    Not all are performing well.
  • So how does Facebook performance compare with Admob in the US? The only info I see here seems to be for other countries.
  • @tholyoak: AdMob is better in US in my case. It's $10.65 eCPM (on average, banners + interstitials) vs. $5.80 USD in FAN. The US fill rate is surprisingly low in FAN - only 37%. I get 67% in UK and 80+% in most Tier 3 countries.

    But that's from one app only. I didn't implement FAN in my other apps yet. First, I want to get a payment from FB and see, what the tax situation will be.
  • Guys make sure you use One App ID for each app.
    Another change of policy that we were not updated and informed about.
    We cannot have one App ID and separate placements for each app.
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    Since yesterday, I have been sending test ads requests after I had already input the app's package name and the dashboard does not receive them. It still asks for test ads request instead of moving at once, as expected, to the third stage. Do you guys get it too?
  • I didn't test anything yet, sorry, @anteos. We're having so much work around the house I'm barely at the computer. I hope you'll figure it out. Did you ask their support about this issue?
  • @hendrixs Yup and they replied with a generic response, so I had to reply back and be even more thorough.
    Funny thing: brand new app, I sent test requests they did not register, the app went online, it got approved, and at Audience Network tab it still asks for test requests.

    However, second app I gave today, exactly same, but it did not get approved yet.

    They seem to have issues currently.
  • hello guys, please a quick question and clarification about facebook audience network, do i have to wait until each app id  earns 100$ before i get paid the or do i get paid if altogether they make 100$ and above. Thanks
  • I think it's $100 USD in total revenue, just like AdMob. This is from their FAQ:

    Payments are extracted when you accumulate
    at least $100 in revenue. You'll receive payments on the 21st of each
    month for the previous month's balance.

    I'm waiting for the first payment on 21st. :)
  • ok thanks you very much @hendrixs , i really hope so
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    Hallo Andromo & All Friends..

    How are u all guys..
    This about question from Mataan in April 14..if he want rebuild all his apps with both Admob & FAN and publish in GP, is this violate with GP and Admob policies?
    Can we use 2 ad network in 1 app..?

    Anyone can help or any idea...
    Just want to know if ok i will do so...

    Thanks to u all guys
  • Of course you can use as many networks as you want in one app!
    Do not worry. I use FAN and admob in all my apps now, and some of them also had airpush. No problem!
  • Tq Anteos...I'am glad hear reply from u..i will rebuild all my apps with multiple ad network...
    1 thing i want to know about FAN,,Compare with Admob,with ad network is better ECPM and high revenue.?
    Admob or FAN..

  • FAN has slightly better eCPM, but it has lower fillrate. If you combine with admob, it is actually the best possible combination of networks in the market today.
  • Hello all friends...
    Just want to know about FAN...

    1.- What should i do in colum "Steps to Trigger Ad"..
    Just leave it blank or something.?

    2.- When i rebuild my apps, should i install my apk on my phone to seeing test ad.?

    3.- As i know In order for app to be served public ads,it must be reviewed and approved by Facebook.
    We need to update our Apps Store URL. Where can i click on FAN to submit my Apps Store URL..

    Any Idea please...Tq
  • 1. I just write like "everywhere" if it is a banner and "20 mins" if it is an interstitial. This is only for you, so you can understand which ad units exactly you are looking into.
    2. Yes, you should send a test ad request, based on their documentation. However, it will happen the first time the app is online in Google Play anyway. For me, I send a test ad request just in case, for all my apps.
    3. If you have entered your package name in Settings, they really rarely ask for the URL, because the package name is what will tell them of the URL. However, if they ask for the URL with an alert, it will be located in the Audience Network tab, I think on top in all the other entries there, like Payout, placements etc.
  • hallo anteos..

    What u mean in colum no 2..sent a test ad request,,,? How to send it?
    I just install my apk in my phone but still can't see any FAN ad on my screen..I only can see ad from StartApp appear..because i use StartApp ad..

    I hope u can help
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