FAN ads are not showing


I have rebuild my app and what I noticed that FAN ads are not showing up after rebuild.
I have tested for other 2 apps and having same problem.


  • Have you checked your FAN dashboard to make sure everything's OK there?
  • This same problem.
  • Yes mines the same 13 apps built and 2 show ads strange!
  • Hi,

    I went through the entire process yesterday afternoon and did experience the same on a couple new apps that should have shown ads, one live on Google Play, the other not. Others are experiencing the same issue based on comments in the Facebook Audience Network community forum (I replied to one as well), so it appears they've broken something in their ad serving code at some point for newly created apps in their portal.

    I plan to submit a support ticket instead of just their community forum so I'd suggest you guys do the same to have them rectify the issue as quick as possible.

    Details about my results were:

    App has the status "Not started - please send an ad request" yet the ad placements have "Enabled for testing and received ad request recently". No ads are shown on a real device and it returns error code -1 in the ad request. Android SDK version being used is 4.10.1.


  • Got below response from FAN support team

    Thank you for writing into Audience Network. Can you explain a little more about how you're sending ad requests? In the meantime, I can provide some additional instructions.

    - Ensure the Facebook app is downloaded on the device and that you're logged in
    - Please have them view a real ad by turning test mode off
    - If no ad is present, please let me know if you're receiving an error code
    - Please use the latest SDK. You can read about the latest SDK changes here: 


    Once your admin or developer sends a request, please have them navigate to the Apps tab on your dashboard and press the "Send for review" button. 

    Full instructions on how to get enqueued for review can be found here:

    Please let me know if these instructions worked, or if I can provide additional assistance.
  • Hi,

    I don't know what your initial submission said, however I'd suggest replying with something along the lines of:

    The app is using the Facebook Audience Network SDK version 4.10.1. Ad requests in all of my apps followed the instructions in that version and are exactly the same. They are also the same as the current SDK's instructions as far as request procedure, permissions, and manifest entries go. It uses the SDK Jar, and not built using Gradle. The app's functionality and creation in the developer portal has all worked in the past until recently when adding new apps.

    It is not possible for me to update the FAN SDK version at this time.

    - The Facebook app is installed and logged in with Admin account.
    - Test mode is turned off, so real ads should be showing in the app.
    - No ads are shown, and the error code being returned for the ad requests (banner and interstitial) is  "-1".
    - Banner and Interstitial placements show a status of "Enabled for testing and received ad request recently".
    - App status shows "Not started - please send an ad request" and the "Send For Review" button is disabled.

    So based on the information/tests above, it appears you have broken compatibility  in your ad serving code for the above listed version of your SDK (and perhaps others).

  • I got a reply from facebook
    Thanks for providing this information. Please upgrade to our latest SDK 4.20. This requires API 15. You can read more about our SDK updates for Android here:


    Making these changes should resolve the issue.
  • Yes, I've been in contact with them as well as a representative from Andromo and their recent reply to me was more or less the same - you'll need to update to their newest version. So their new ad serving script has broken compatibility with older SDKS (either unintentionally or intentionally) without any warning or notification, but they don't appear to care about that.

    FAN's current SDK cannot be updated in Andromo's current branch due to support library version incompatibilities which require large scale changes. Those changes are a component of the large update we've been working on for a long time now, but not completed yet. So while we do plan to offer their latest SDK in the new version we release (release date unknown), there's nothing we can do currently in Andromo. So unless something changes in the meantime on Facebook's end, you won't be able to submit "new" apps to FAN until Andromo's large update has been released.

    Unfortunately that's where things stand at the moment.
  • That's me screwed then I can't use admob due to a ban and now i can't use facebook 
  • Does this mean that if I update my apps which include FAN, the ads will stop working? Or I just won't be able to submit news apps to FAN?

  • It depends upon what you mean by update (ie. making changes in FAN's console, or simply updating your app). My understanding based on what I've heard from others is that previously submitted apps continue to be served ads at this moment (you can verify that in some of your existing apps) and will only affect newly submitted apps. How they handle making changes to an existing app in their portal is unknown and something you'd need to ask them, or avoid doing.
  • anything added to the facebook console after 1st march will not show ads
  • OK, thanks for your help guys. I don't plan to update any of my existing apps soon, but I wanted to add some new apps to FAN. I'll then just wait for the Andromo update.
  • Hello,
    For now if I build new app by use FAN for ads in the app. it's mean ads not show right ?
  • Yes, until they give the new SDK in an Andromo update, we cannot have our apps IDs reviewed by Fan.
  • please we need facebook ads back
  • thanks colinadams wow great thing andromo is going to look more cool, with android drawer menu...

    however i have fix for the facebook that worked for me in android studio.. i simply chnaged the dependece on the facebook sdk, from 4.+   to 4.21.0  or a previous version before april. and i am able to build and see facebook ads.. no more 7 errors in my android studio. maybe you can give it a try to see if it works before andromov5 comes out officially
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