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  • Here's what andromo advised: Since the new V3 builder is much more functional than the previous one, there is no sense to migrate projects between them. If you want to upgrade an app from V2 to V3: 1) Create same but BETTER app at V3 2) Give it the …
  • I agree with @kellvemalves Andromo shall provide this splash feature and give users the option to enable or disable it. Everything requires experimentation. Test it and if no complains and revenue increased then keep it otherwise disable it and upd…
  • Thanks @pegasoftcorp for posting your experience with the andromo ads. I wanted to incorporate andromo ads but after reading your posts i am now reluctant to. I have a question though, guys that have implemented andromo ads alongside admob did that…
  • Got it. Thanks!
  • Thanks for your input @Meghak but i  somewhat disagree with you! Just because one cant afford to pay 252$ annually they should quit app making ? lol You should understand that no matter how good of a deal this is, not everyone can afford it. I have…
  • Mr @colinadams what about this year please? I have interest in the pro plan. Will upgrade if there's a Black Friday sale for 2018. Can you add something to what you said in 2016 please?? Thank you.
  • Thanks for the advice @meghak 
  • @meghak thanks for your input. From what you said "Either one of them or both will get banned." seems you ain't sure whether or not the new AdMob will survive. Provided only one of them will get banned i dont have a problem with. If one wi…
  • I appreciate your response @anteos I will consider trying it out too. :)
  • Thank you @anteos have you tried doing that before? If yes, what was your experience ? Was it great? 
  • @mattbean here is how to submit your edited app as a new app with no problems: - Simply change the project package name under the settings tab. If the existing app uses the com. package, then select the alternate. package for the new app. Make sure…
  • Thank you @anteos. I won't bother to link them anymore since that is the case. I will contact AdMob to see if there is any benefit in the linking though.
  • Thanks @All for the advice, I just want to know what to do with my Admob account now. How to avoid getting banned?? They've started disabling ad units in my Apps already.  And @Hendrixs I want to go back on GP ASAP as you recommended but this time I…
  • Thanks @anteos, i planned to update and submit all my apps to other stores with ads of other networks but should i do it now or wait until my admob daily earning reach somewhere to zero?? I mean i didn't violate any of the Admob T&Cs and ads are…
  • Appreciated @anteos that's exactly what i should do but one thing is weird, my Admob account is still active and am getting good revenue so far. I don't know when they'll stop ad-serving to my apps. Lets say i updated all my apps with ads of other n…
  • How about your acquired earnings? Are they gonna pay that out in few days?? Can Admob pay one out after being terminated from the play store??
  • Thanks @anteos, am not sure what I should do next. :(
  • Hi guys, I just got banned from Google Play Store this morning. Couple of days ago, i received an email from Google which says that before Jan 11, 2016 i must specify whether or not my Apps contain Ads. With over 170 Apps, i run to the store and sta…
  • I want to see Andromo Affiliate Program added, we'll signup thousands of people for you!!!
  • Thanks Once Again! I'll just take some time to do that myself. Am really grateful.
  • OMG!! Thanks hendrixs!! I was about to do that but i just keep thinking if that would be right. Thanks for the quick answer. Again, can i copy paste contents from a website into a custom page activity? I mean with some edits.