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  • @anteos you are assuming he wants to spam the store. I know that's not what most want it for. Imagine you build an app for different app stores, cloning existing project instead of doing it from scratch for each app store would be a huge time saver.…
  • Colin I understand you do not want to commit to dates, but I feel like its been a year with few features besides Ad Networks, can't see paying for another year without knowing if they will be released by my next annual subscription is due or some te…
  • @rkumbhar, I think it is admob going friggin nuts we have multiple Google Play dev accounts and we are seeing plain ebook apps banned for very odd reason like promoting abuse of Google Play, really WTF and allow youtube downloads, it's a friggin ebo…
  • I am growing very tired of Admob myself. They seem to randomly ban apps these days with obscure reasoning and no real person you can deal with on the matter. Trying to determine which network to replace them with. I use to use Leadbolt and they work…
  • Yeah some kind of communication from Andromo would be great... I was a sucker and purchased their PRO membership deal ;)
  • I already own an Andromo yearly account under a different username, but now I am considering upgrading this account (used for a different business) to the PRO Account. I like everyone else am concerned about the road map, I wish Andromo could releas…