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Google Play Developer Accounts

Where I can I purchase a google play developer account? Who is a good seller of one?


  • Well I made some mistakes about 2 years ago and lost the account. I have not been able to open a new account. I heard there are some people that sell new accounts. 
  • simply buy your self as a different person ( get diferrent mastercard/visacard  even your friends or sisters own, get diffrent pc than last one, use different phone number, new gmail... use general isp... and you ar eback to google play.. simple
  • Yep, definitely don't buy any accounts from GP account seller services. It's either a fraud or they won't last long.
  • True buying account is no good.
    Try different credit card and also new internet connection location.
    I tried new credit card with sane internet connection ip address still cannot.
    I had to use my brother credit card and internet connection then it worked .. able to get Google developer account certified
  • Also change your username and email address
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