(Update #2) New Andromo Builder coming later this year.



  • Please , we are still waiting for the facebook update sdk version 5.10.0

  • Thank you

  • @Mack2020 can you give examples of the search feature? Search in Dashboard or search inside activities(for example, inside Photo Gallery)?

    We will implement other Firebase services in future releases.

  • How about searching inside activities from the dashboard (for example, searching for a particular podcast episode).

  • @meold Search on the Dashboard and in activities, that will allow the user to search throughout the app for a specific wallpaper, audio file, or content. Adding a search widget like this https://developer.android.com/guide/topics/search/search-dialog

    It would also be great to use firebase for backend content. https://firebase.google.com/docs/storage/android/start

  • @Captivated what is "admin panel online"? Please describe.

  • @meold with admin panel we can control the backend of the application, like control the ad, data, etc

  • @meold and admin panel is a website with an api which allows you to load content on the app. Here is an example of a wallpaper app what has an admin panel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J3bGRsfguZQ

  • @meold Please adding self video Hosting in engagement features. because sometime if using youtube we can got rejected. Thank You

  • Pl include google/ blogger/ wordpress api support in activity field.


    For so many years andromo Web Activity has not supported downloading. This has been a major setback in using the web activity in our apps.

    When you click on a download link (eg mp3 file) on a web page, instead of downloading it, the web activity will automatically start playing it. This is not good. It is supposed to download the file and open it. The same thing applies to other file formats.

    Now that you are designing a new andromo builder and re-working all the acitivities, please remember to configure the web activity to support downloading of files from web pages.

  • Pueden ayudar con la actividad web para que se puede descargar los archivos al dispositivo móvil, y por que no implementar un botón flotante donde este las redes sociales para compartir más rápido, fluido y elegante

  • Any uppdates?

  • That is greater

  • Hey, Guys

    At the moment, we are in the final stages of creating an updated builder. We are optimizing the audio player currently, which turned out to be one of the difficult tasks. The release will take place very soon.

    Stay tuned!

  • I want to know if it will update to the new abb since the apk will disappear

  • cant wait for this "new builder", hope it come with more of new activities not only new interface.

    but sadly most of my friend who are using andromo decide not to renew their subscription

  • Hi,I have tested the new builder and I have provided feedback.I think it was an early stage build but the look and feel was good,modern.I hope that there will be new activities.Let’s be honest ,that is our main concern.

    shopify api is a must add on

    Also in app chat feature,this would be great for radio stations apps

  • I hope there is a remote ad control, so we can control the ad remotly without update the app.

  • user_#594578

    You can control ads frequency remotely at current builder


    New builder is coming very soon

  • @EgorEgorov @RomanJuly @meold I have suggestions for new builder please listen our pain hurt when uploading many content in single application. 😫

    A. Photo Gallery Activity

    1. Please add Multiples upload pictures in one click, it's pain one by one add picture when i have 400+ to use xD.
    2. Please add feature to add only link to upload the Pictures (Like Audio Player Activity have stream link audio) so we don't need upload the file. Just using the link wallpaper/photos instead real file upload (will make huge size .APK) I have 400+ Wallpaper the size so huge around 70mb, if we only use link will help to reduce it only 5mb apk file maybe (like Audio Player Activity have it).
    3. Please add feature can upload with Excel files with Title List and URL. So we don't need upload the URL one by one if number 3 implemented.
    4. Please add search feature inside the APP. So we can search the pictures name.
    5. Please add Favorite button, so it's more easy to re list own pictures. And add favorite tab.

    B. Audio Player Activity

    1. Please add feature can upload with Excel files with Title List and URL. So we don't need upload the URL one by one when uploading Stream Link.
    2. Add Search Button for finding Title.
    3. Add Favorite Button and Tab.

    Only now, for that what i feel. The Photo Gallery Activity bout Provide URL link to the Wallpaper/Photo is the most thing should added. Will Reduce APK File size. Hope It will implemented. (The Excel File for Upload Data Title, URL list will Help Alots too) Thank you.

    Keep Growing Andromo,

    Best Regards.


  • @RomanJuly

    I need control ad network too, like when my admob get limited ads, I can switch to startapp or another app without update the app

  • user_#594578

    You can switch ad networks only with apps updating

  • That is great. I will be waiting.

  • edited October 2020

    @Captivated I don't think an Admin Panel is a good idea. You're thinking of a web app. I don't want a web app. I want native apps. That's the whole reason I use Andromo. If you want a web app, there are lots of other platforms for that.

    Also, if you're worried about app size, you should see how big some games are. Users are used to downloading large apps these days (at least in the country I live in).

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