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  • If you have an audio player activity included in your app and that you have several tracks in this activity, you'll hate the new builder. Because now you can't edit these tracks at once. I use to open each track in a separate tab and do the edit lik…
  • @lorne Sir, I'm missing the old awesome look of my apps, i'll open a ticket and send two screenshots (app-before and app-after the update). If you confirmed that what i'm requesting no longer fits into the Material Design guidelines then lemme know …
  • Thank you guys for the background effects!! really love them ;) The only thing that is missing is the padded dashboard style. I use the padded style in all my old apps (before the andromo update) but now that feature is gone after the update. My app…
  • Sorry to reply this late. It was 8 and i changed it to 16 and it worked. :)
  • Weldon job Andromo, many many thanks!!! Wish to see the old padded, stretch dashboard-styles back too. :)
  • Hurray!! problem solved! end of thread lol I just changed the kbps of the file and bingo it got uploaded! Reply not to my recent ticket about this. :)
  • Hi!! Thank you once again for your able replies. @lorne Mr, I've opened up the ticket and attached the audio-file as you suggested. I downloaded a program called mediainfo to check the actual file format. It says the file format is an MPEG layer-3…
  • Hi! @colinadams and @lorne thank you all for your replies.  Spamming Google Play with redundant app is not why i asked that question. I'm just wondering if i can build one app then change every text therein to another language without having to …