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  • Thanks for not answering my last question for the third or fourth time @EgorEgorov and your cringe comment is how we feel us Pro Users plus others 10 times more than you but we are only customers with no say. We loyal paying Pro Users should get the Ultra Plan and impressions for free.


    1, You guys keep saying how great the Ultra Plan is but I see no proof, no stats nothing just your words. I remember Andromo Ads about this time last year was all talk how great it was and those who tried it was no good for them. 

    2, Can you show us these results plus how much these impressions are going to cost us.

    Ultra Plan users will be able to get upgraded monetization options (Admob Interstitial frequency-changing, Splash Screen). In order to run ads in this package, developers will have to book impressions which will be available in their admin panel (10$, 25$, 50$, 100$, 500$, 1000$). This price is actually a commission, which developer pays to Andromo for having the access to upgraded monetization options.

    3, Are these impressions separate from the impressions we get now. Over a period of 7 days some of us can get 30,000 to say 200,000 plus impressions per 7 days on Admob. These impressions are separate is that correct.

    4, What does Prices : Price-list mean Australia AU $1.33, United Kingdom GB $1.38, United States US $1.90

    5, Also 21 days free trial for Advanced monetization is not enough time. On https://play.google.com/apps/publish it mentions

    (Due to adjusted work schedules at this time, we are currently experiencing longer than usual review times

    Please expect review times of seven days or longer.)

    I haven't updated my apps for over a year waiting for the promises of we Pro members had options of 15, 30 plus seconds Admob customizable interstitial timings over a year ago but there was an issue and it was stopped and where told by Andromo they will solve the problem. There was no need for me to create new apps or update current apps.

    It seems to me trial period should be way more than 21 days considering as mentioned review times seem like we be over a week because of the coronavirus issues.

  • This is really unfair with the users. Such a non-user centric approach.

    Enough has been said on this thread and the frustration is real.

    Team Andromo needs to genuinely and honestly answer the users who are investing their hard earned money on the platform.

    Andromo is taking an "undue advantage" of "vendor locking" here. This is very much close to a fraud to not live up to the promises.

    Being a Pro user I am devastated to see all the new limitations being imposed on me.

    All this is unreasonable to say the least. I hope Andromo team takes a stock of the situation around the world and make some sensible adjustments and revert some of the decisions to support the users better.

    Everyone around world is struggling to make the ends meet and the platform like Andromo has an opportunity to help the users stay afloat with Andromo's capabilities and resources to support these difficult times. But, what you are doing right now is completely opposite of what is expected of you.

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    Dear Developers, please, read a QnA in the bottom of this page, hope it might be helpful :



    We don’t push anybody to choose Ultra Plan. Moreover, it doesn’t fit to all devs. That’s why we give a free 21 day trial, which will give the developer an understanding if it works for him or no.

    Regarding ads serving

    Ads monetizing opportunity is one of the services provided by Andromo.

    Andromo is a Saas company which works on a subscription model. Which means users receive their services until they have a subscription. Projects storage for unsubscribed users for a period between 6 months and 1 year is a bonus.


    Starter plan cannot be bought in public domain anymore.

    All prepaid Starter packages will be working for those who have already bought them until their expiration date, which means even if you will be automatically rebilled for the Starter Annual plan on Aug 31, it will be supported by Andromo for 1 more year until it expires. After that it won’t be supported. 

    As for Monthly Starters - they can exist on an auto-rebill basis until Autumn. The final decision on Starter plan deletion/extension will be made in September.

    $17.43 - is the discounted monthly price for Pro Annual package if you decide to upgrade in May. The discount will be reducing each month from 17% in May to 7% in September. The days which will be left from an old subscription will be recalculated according to a new plan price and will be added to a new subscription.


    We don’t have an influence on Adsense policies and it’s a pity that you apps have been banned. At the same time Admob is a super tool for ads monetising and we offer quite a competitive price for trying this business.

    Unfortunately, Andromo cannot provide this offer for 12$, as it is not economically viable for us. However, we respect our active Starter members. They can renew their plans during the next 6 months automatically without any problem+all annual (prepaid) plans will be served until its expiration date. So, in your case you have Starter plan available till October and if it will be auto-rebilled, you will have it for 1 more year. It is an absolute maximum that we can do. In addition to that all active Starter members can upgrade to Pro with a good discount during the next 6 months. There is no need to take Ultra. It is just an extra option.


    1. That’s why we offer a Trial period so that you can test it and decide whether it helps you to get more revenue or not. It is not obligatory to go to Ultra. Regarding Andromo ads: We still have developers who make good revenue at Andromo ads. In today’s case we have updated features which can help developer better monetize Admob - a network dev already knows and he knows how it works.
    2. 7 days is an overdraft period during which you have to refill your impressions budget. We count only impressions from apps with our updated SDK. We cannot see impressions from your old users, who haven’t updated their apps over 2 months. So, since you go to Ultra and set 1 minute interstitial ads frequency, it will be remotely changed at all your apps, which were updated with new SDK by users after late March 2020. And you will start getting more impressions same day. So if your app has already 10 000 impressions daily and you update interstitial ads frequency, it will be applied only to apps versions with latest SDK from the day you subscribe to Ultra. Andromo will count only impressions from these apps. In order to get more users with updated SDK - send them push notifications motivating them to update apps, also update your app with a splash screen, update it in the GooglePlay and you can run a promo campaign in order to get more benefits from advanced monetization.
    3. This is an impressions commission developers pay for 1000 impressions for each country. It will be changing every 1 day of the month according to average market bids.
    4. It took maximum 5 days for 1 tester to get his app updated in the GooglePlay. Other testers released their apps in 1-2 days in the store.


    There are no any limitations for PRO users

  • @EgorEgorov if i choose to subscribe for a month will it be automatically renew or there is an option to stop it the following month

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    Can someone explain to me how Splash Screen & Intersttitial Frequency we always had going to increase revenue by up to 200% ????

    Why can't you be honest with us and treating everyone like a fool?!

  • "Andromo is a Saas company which works on a subscription model. Which means users receive their services until they have a subscription."

    I'd sure Google Admob would be happy to know you consider their ad serving apart of your services. I'm going to bring this to the attention of my Admob account manager.

    By the way, obviously no one is against SaaS subscriptions, otherwise we wouldn't be here. What we're upset about is you co-opting our earnings. If you want more subscription revenue, build a better product. Don't just extort us into paying you because we have no other choice.

  • A Curious Case of sudden drop in Interstitial Ads show rate after the notorious March 30 Update!!

    I have an app in play store for 3 years, that was monetized using Admob. It has a total download of 86,000, mostly from US.

    I attaching its interstitial Ad show rate during the past few months:

    Month Show Rate

    Jan 2019 : 23%

    June 2019: 23%

    November 2019: 23%

    December 2019: 25%

    For the last 3 years, it never went below 22%

    Now on March 30, 2020, @EgorEgorov announced that notorious Andromo update, that trapped all our ads and apps permanently to Andromo.

    Attaching the screenshot of his announcement here: http://prntscr.com/smvxvl

    I have underlined the sentence where he mentioned that they have redesigned the way, the interstitial ads are loaded.

    Now after updating my apps in play store. the ad show rate went down by 9%

    April 2020: Show rate in 17.5%

    May 2020: its just 16.5%

    This happened to all my apps, which I have updated after March 2020 announcement. My whole app revenue got reduced by 50%

    I am not the only person with this issue. Attaching a similar post from the forum, posted by @gppacana44 on April 7: http://prntscr.com/smw06x

    Interestingly, the apps which were not updated after March 30th, are still having the same show rate as in 2019


    I strongly believe that this reduction in shown rate is intentional. I am sure that if we subscribe to the advanced monetization plan, it will definitely have a high show rate. They may say that its due to the new splash screen. However, I think its more than that.

    In their advanced/ultra monetization feature page, they say that the developers who tested it saw 200% increase in revenue.

    I think this intentional reduction in show rate is created to create an impression to these developers that their daily revenue is doubled. IF it was the old show rate, they will never reach this 200%

    Additionally, they are now offering a 21 day trial of the advanced monetisation to all existing. This same psychology works for all of those who run the trial. I believe that there is an obvious reduction in everyone's daily earning due to this secret reduction in show rate and on enabling the advanced monetisation, it will get a huge boost. This will defintely motivate a large portion of developers to opt for the ultra plan and their exta pack for interstital impression.

    I request @RomanJuly to explain this fall in show-rate after the March 30 update, which announced the opposite effect- "enjoy your increased revenue right away!"- as quoted in the announcement.

    I also request my fellow members here to have a look at the Admob report and see whether you had this issue after the Update

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    Requesting all those members who tried their advanced monetization trial, to post the Admob interstitial Ad Show rate in this thread., after implementing it.

    I bet it will be somewhere near 35-40%


    @RikkiBlakk and all others.

    You will get it under Admob Network report and adding App and App unit as filters in Dimension. Select only the dates when the trial was active.

  • @StudioAppsCreate

    What is the average show rate for interstitial ads that you are getting for the apps that you have developed yourself, with the ads between splash and first activity?

  • And, is there any correlation between the ad display frequency ( say 30 sec to 10 min) with the show rate? If so what is the ideal frequency in your opinion for a good show rate, without affecting the user experience?

  • @StudioAppsCreate please tell us about the cheap builders so that we can explore our options.

  • @LetMEHearAgainApps

    Contact info@andromo.com and we will try to analyse your case with show rates

    Andromo does not intentionally reduce show rates or any other parameter you are accusing us. It is impossible and we would never do it even if it was.

    The case you are giving as an example of 'same issues' (@gppacana44 on April 7: http://prntscr.com/smw06x) is a success case, read it carefully, please.

  • Is this legal to do this to loyal Professional Plan paid members to change what they paid for.




    I can understand all new plan paid members having this but not current members who got https://prnt.sc/smzuew this.

    Has anyone from Andromo got legal advice that they can do this. You pay for something for years and one day it gets changed without notice and consideration to the customer who where promised nothing will change and anything that is added will not cost us anymore. All current Professional Plan paid members should get Ultra upgrade for free and also don't get charged for impressions.

    Can the owner get this message and reply here. That is the least we deserve.

  • @TrevorH sorry I didn't got your question quite right.

  • @tones702 2. No we cannot show you stats from other developers. 5. Want larger trial? No problem. Get in touch with support and we'll extend that for you.

    @akiomar yes it will automatically renew. You can cancel at any time.

    @StudioAppsCreate fullscreen video in html is in trouble right now. No easy fix, unfortunately, otherwise we would have done it long ago. We will provide an option to remove Andromo logo, absolutely. This should have been fixed in the very beginning. Please give us a few days to fix that.

    @LetMEHearAgainApps we absolutely don't reduce your show rate intentionally. If anything, we raised it up a bit with a march update; for some Apps up to two times which exceeded all our wild expectations. We are aware that some of you guys make a living out of monetization and this is why we feel it's important that we give you different opportunities to earn more. We feel it's a mission for us. We have optimized everything we could for Standard monetization in Pro and Starter plans, everything above that comes with Advanced monetization.

    @Captivated sorry I didn't quite got your question.

  • @StudioAppsCreate oops, my bad. Splash screens are with no logo. I thought we might slip the branded splash screens into production but we didn't.

  • Please PLEASE tell me am wrong.

    Ultra (new higher pricing of $36 per month)

    Do I have to pay you on top of $36 to run Admob ads in my Apps?

    In other other words, you take a cut of my Ad Revenue by forcing me to buy Impression Budget?! $25, $50, $150 ???

    Tell me this is not true!

  • 101

    Devs have to book impressions in Ultra plan.

    We do not push you to take Ultra. Ultra plan is not for all devs. You can take a trial and check it.

    Please, check also QnA and price-list for impressions:


  • @EgorEgorov can you tell me how to unsubsribe

  • akiomar

    Go to your account settings, choose 'Account', press 'Cancel subscription'

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    Andromo user on a full Pro Plan since 2013.

    60% down in revenue since the update I made on 1st of April.

    Question - If one wants the best plan but has no interest in interstitial ads under 5mins or splash screen and the current Pro Plan is no longer achieving the best results or even just same results as before April 1st. What do you guys recommend?

    • My users will not accept interstitials ads under 5mins.
    • Splash screens will be the ultimate suicide for my apps.   

    I built a strong long term trust with my users (6 years plus) and cannot break this with abusive (in my opinion) short term gain.  

    Please reply with considered recommendation on here so others can benefit as well.

    @EgorEgorov , @RomanJuly

  • k3000 It's OK if your apps require long ads frequency for good user's experience. As it has already been said - Ultra plan is not for all devs. Stay at Pro

    Regarding the revenue drop, there are cases nowadays, when revenue from ad networks drops down. The most common reason is said to be all issues caused by Quarantine. Hope ad networks demand will return soon to a normal level.

  • @RomanJuly Is your recommendation based on a Pro plan with planned monetisation improvements or one without any planned improvements? For example, will the Pro plan be getting native ads? This is important because I must make serious decisions on whether Andromo is the right place for my apps going forward. Because as it stands the Ultra plan is not one that can work for my apps and if there is no improvements coming to the Pro Plan then it’s hard to see a future with Andromo.

  • k3000

    We do not want to be hostages of our promises, like the previous team. Therefore, in your case, I recommend that you stay on the Pro plan and follow the news. We are working on improvements

  • Wait for something that might never come..? Sounds like you want us to be the hostages.

  • StudioAppsCreate

    Also, please, do not forget that in August Google Play Market will cease support of the Android SDK API 29 that Andromo builder is created upon. Our efforts are now also devoted to creating a new builder that meets the requirements of new realities, and updating all Apps was an inevitable event for that to keep your Apps alive. As well as the revision of our plans - which is a vital condition for the existence and development of Andromo.

  • @StudioAppsCreate Thank you for bringing that up. Soon I received that email from Andromo I updated my Apps and everything went downhill from there.

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    Anyone who thinks his stats became worse because of SDK update since late March 2020, please, send you Admob interstitial ads stats to: info@andromo.com


    CSV format

    1 app - 1 file with stats

    Date range: 30 days before the update in Google Play market and all days after

    Divided by Days

    Divided by Countries

    Requests, Impressions, Match rate, Estimated revenue, Show rate , eCPM must be included

    Specify your Andromo account name in the letter

    Let’s try to figure out what happened to your apps together

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