(Update #1) Advanced monetization launched

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Hello guys.

We've got some really exciting news to share today!

Ultra plan and the new Advanced monetization

New Advanced monetization model for Apps is available today for Andromo developers. You can now choose much shorter Interstitial delay time and enable a Splash screen that allows for more opportunity to show an Interstitial right at the launch of your App. 

Interstitial delay time and Splash screen visibility time are applied on all Apps installed on your users immediately as you change them in Andromo. This enables you to tweak and find optimal monetization settings very efficiently with no need to rebuild and publish new App versions, something that was not available before. 

With this Advanced monetization model there is an Impression Commission fee that you pay to Andromo additionally to the plan price. Only successful impressions are being charged to your account.

This Advanced monetization model is available in our new Ultra plan, which also includes larger quotas and priority support. 

New Hobbyist plan

We realize that many users are creating Apps for themselves or their small businesses. For these developers, we are happy to introduce a new Hobbyist plan, which has no monetization options but is more affordable than the previous Starter plan at only $10/month.

Existing plans changes

Basically, nothing changes for developers on existing plans. 

Pro plan stays the same with the existing standard monetization model. Starter plan is not available for purchase anymore; however, Starter developers can continue to use their subscription, including the standard monetization model. 

Please note that Ads are disabled in Apps for developers with an inactive Andromo subscription, so make sure your subscription is always up and paid.

Storage and Projects quotas were introduced for all plans, but existing users got larger quotas applied personally to their account so that nobody will face shortage immediately. For example, Pro plan has 300 projects quota, but current Pro users with thousands of projects (of which there are quite some!) will still have thousands of projects of available quota. Nothing is being taken from you!

Starter upgrade

Current Starter plan users can upgrade to Pro with a discount! Just log into Andromo, and you will see an invitation to upgrade to Pro at a special price. 

More details and FAQ

Please read here

Update #1

1. We won't delete your projects. We keep your data for up to six months after you ceased paying (or one year for Ultra users). Chances are that if you didn't need your projects for that long, you don't need them at all. (FAQ and site are not yet updated on that one, but soon will be). And even before removing your data we will send you a plenty notice. In fact, not a single project has been deleted from Andromo since 2016 yet.

2. Quotas are free. We introduced them to prevent abuse, not to harm you. You need more quota? No problem. Contact support and have it. Every paid user will get as much quota as needed for free. We will raise quotas for you once we see that you are close to limit.



  • Advanced monetization for only admob?

  • @KizeeTech for all networks

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    This kind of cheating with us to launch ultra plan as not it showing my i am completing with project and this not fare i have plan to around 500 new project as This i bought 2 year ago this software and i was said to have unlimited project. they are showing your quota over soon.


  • "Impression Commission fee"? You have got to be kidding.

  • immediately i upgrade to ultra plan, that means the impression payment is inclusive or i am charge extra for impressions.

  • can we opt out after the free trial has ended or can we choose monthly or yearly plan after the free trial has ended?

  • why not add free ...

  • this is cheating

  • Has any developers that run ads for downloads tested the ultra commission plan? Admob rates change all the time so this can really hurt profit those that spend money in ads to grow downloads. It may not be worth it all. Admob rates are based on a bidding process which can go up or down depending on several factors.

  • i can't even delete apps

  • This move needs more explanation.....

  • I am a Pro subscriber since 2014 .I have never been disappointed this much with andromo. what do you even mean by Impression Commission fee? do we have to pay extra money just to use 30 seconds ads if we switch to Ultra plan? Please explain!

  • @itawin You will need to prepay additional price for impressions along with Ultra plan subscription. Bear in mind that you pay a fraction of a cent only a for successful impression, meaning that we earn only when you earn much more.

    @KizeeTech Advanced monetization is for all interstitials. You can absolutely opt in for any plan you find suitable after the trial, including or not including the Advanced monetization.

    @Mack2020 Yes, we were running tests with top developers for months already and the results are overwhelmingly positive with much increased revenue for developers. We're so happy to finally share these features with you guys!

    @devlano if this is a bug please get in touch with support, we surely will fix it immediately.

    @CodemasterApps please read more details in the page mentioned. We have worked with top developers prior to write down answers to common questions, but we might have missed something. Please feel free to ask questions.

  • Why would you think you're entitled to our earnings? We already pay you for a service and now you think you should get a cut of our ad revenue too? If you're trying to get people to abandon Andromo, you're off to a great start.

  • @Altland perhaps I was not very clear in my initial post, sorry for that. All users of Pro and Starter plan continue to earn as much as they did and even a bit more because of some optimizations that we constantly do. Ultra plan and Advanced monetization model is an option only for those who want to earn more.

  • No, it was perfectly clear. You expect us to pay extra for an Ultra plan and give you a cut of our ad impressions? How could you possibly think that's appropriate?

  • This is shocking to say the least!

    Never been so disappointed like I'm feeling right now.

    Where is the Admob Advanced Native Ads you promised?!

    Who needs splash screen when we have Interstitial?

    I don't get you guys, seriously!

  • Do we need to rebuild and publish app after the splash settings and Interstitials time change has been applied?

  • Hi @EgorEgorov Impression Commission also work for startapp or just admob?

  • Hello EgorEgorov,

    I didnt respond my question. i am waiting for it . this is not fair with pro user .

  •  @EgorEgorov So do we have to pay extra $180 per year (Total $432) for the Ultra Package when switching from Pro, and still want us to buy your Impression Budget for the Ultra Package just to put 30 seconds ads in our apps in Ultra Package? How do you possibly think that's appropriate? So my other question is if I switch to Ultra Package, do I must buy the impression Budget? Can I use Standard Monetization in Ultra Package without giving you Impression commission? I just need Unlimited Apps. But I know it is useless to upgrade to Ultra package just for that. And the last thing is where is iOS Support? Where is native ads as you promised 2 years ago?

  • @101 Splash screen is a very important tool for interstitial ads. Please enable, rebuild and publish and see what it does to your income. Native ads are being implemented in a brand new version of our builder which you guys will see soon.

    @KizeeTech depends. To change splash screen settings you have to build and publish a version with splash screen enabled. But Interstitial frequency settings and splash screen delays are applied immediately on your users which is an extremely cool feature! This works since builder v5.2.0.

    @SolutionMaker commission is for successful interstitial ads impressions, no matter which network.

    @Altland we don't get cut of your ad revenue, you keep all of it. Impression commission is a payment from you to us for every successful (!) impression based on a per country price.

    @devfreakapp I'll happily answer a question. I'm not sure I can understand what is exactly that you are asking.

    @CodemasterApps the Ultra plan is created specifically for Advanced monetization. You need extra quota? Later we will introduce quota amounts for purchase. Need it now? No prob — get in touch with support, mention my name and I will give you a large quota for free. iOS support already works internally in our team, but don't hold your breath: it's gonna take at least! 6 months until we are ready to show an early beta. Native ads are being implemented along with iOS support but they will come our much earlier than iOS.

  • EgorEgorov Thank You for your support Everything Fixed now we will go ahead and great working together. my problem fixed now and Egor did well job. again thank U

  • @EgorEgorov Okay now that's a good news. I was waiting for iOS Apps and Native Ads so many years now. And let me give one little suggestion, Please consider giving some coupon codes for the current Professional Package developers to upgrade to Ultra Package. Thanks! :-)

  • Firstly we where told by previous Andromo owners and new owners Pro subscribers will not miss out on anything that is new. Secondly last year about this time the new Andromo people did much shorter Interstitial delay time but that didn't work and was told by them which is the people that are there now they will fix this up. That never happened.

    I want and option of 30 seconds on Pro plan for Interstitial ads so can I contact support and get what we where told we would get on Pro plan.

    Anyone that is new you can do that to but not the loyal Andromo Pro plan members.

    Anyway back to my question can I contact support and get on my Pro plan account 30 seconds Admob Interstitial ads.

  • Also for the current Pro plan members who want to upgrade to Advanced monetization it should be 50% off.

    $432 take $252 equals $180, 50% is $90 more so total is $342.

  • @EgorEgorov I've got question, if i have 2 account andromo, and if 1 of my account subcribtion has expired, it won't show ads in the app, right? So can you help me to transfer my project from my andromo account that the subcribtion has expired to the my pro plan account? thanks

  • @PapershipApp we really want to deliver the "transfer project" feature but right now it's not possible. Get in touch with support, mention my name and we'll figure something out for you to keep both your accounts afloat.

  • @tones702 the tests last year were absolutely different. This is how we learned and worked the whole year to find out the best solution which really works. It was battle-tested already by our top developers and shows a significantly increased revenue per app. You are welcome to see by yourself how it performs: go get the Advanced monetization trial for 21 days.

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