(Update #1) Advanced monetization launched



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    "Also, please, do not forget that in August Google Play Market will cease support of the Android SDK API 29 that Andromo builder is created upon. Our efforts are now also devoted to creating a new builder that meets the requirements of new realities, and updating all Apps was an inevitable event for that to keep your Apps alive. As well as the revision of our plans - which is a vital condition for the existence and development of Andromo."

    That's only for new apps and app updates. There was no reason to preemptively update our apps. Don't pretend your email encouraging us to update our apps was anything other than a ploy to get your new ad-disabling code pushed out.

  • @EgorEgorov I experiences bad network by showing server error when uploading a file when it reached 100% of uploading can u please to fix the problem thanks

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    Admob pays us for clicks not for impressions and you want to get commission for impressions !!!! what if i did not get any clicks in admob i will have to pay you and i will lose $

    😒i have seen the price list of impressions commission. in US for example $1.90 per mille!!! with this price im losing, not making money.

  • kh818

    eCPM is formed both on impressions and clicks. Our prices are based on average market eCPM indexes and will be changing every month.

    Ultra plan is not for all devs. You can check prices later and try it if it fits you.

    Also, you can take a 21 day trial of Advanced monetization, it is free.

  • ShehuAbdullahimido

    Contact support, please

  • If the answer is YES we all should get back 18 months plus of payment from Andromo for those who started before then and still keep on paying. I haven't build a new app since that time waiting for what we where told we would get plus still paying Pro plan for it and now they expect us to pay more for it plus pay for impressions as well. Whoever came up with this should be held accountable.

  • im making 80$/month from ads and have to pay 28$/month to keep ads working, are you kidding us

  • @RomanJuly @EgorEgorov

    Kindly assist, I upgraded my account to Ultra plan before expiry of my subscription. Received welcome mail to the Ultra plan and 2days later got mail that my subscription has expired.

    What could cause this?

    Awaits your response. Thanks

  • im making half $ a day, and should pay 220$ now, or my work will begone, honestly i already given up when they say will turn off monetization when my subription is expired 😂😭

  • Any improvements coming soon for Pro plan?, not much done in this plan, and it costs money to keep subscribed.

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    If I upgrade to the Pro plan now with the promo price of $18.06 month/$216.72 year, will I get to keep that price every year going forward?

    Nevermind - I answered my own question by clicking on it. It says "Then $252.00 per year." So my annual price went up by 250% if I want ads in my apps.

  • Unfortunately @RikkiBlakk we Pro Plan users have being waiting for what they are now getting for Ultra Plan subscribers. We where promised these things as mentioned by so many of us so we just kept on waiting and paying monthly or yearly Pro Plan subscriptions doing the right thing by Andromo. We all could ask Paypal for a refund and easily get it because we haven't updated our apps all this time waiting for the promises we where told we would get. I am not going to ask for a refund but still expect to be treated as a Ultra Plan subscriber on my Pro Plan and waiting for Andromo to do the right thing and correct this. 

    Those who cancelled there subscription plan believing there app will continue to function after changing or cancelling their subscription now find out these apps would stop showing ads if they don't have an active subscription. That should only happen to those who start now not beforehand. 

    For me it's about Admob customizable interstitial timings I have being waiting so long for this but still 2 minutes is mentioned. It did have 15 seconds, 30 seconds and so forth but Andromo had issues and said they will fix it and now they are fixed but only for Ultra Plan subscribers. Still can't believed this.

  • @RomanJuly These are 2 questions about Ultra Plan subscribers. I am not going to do a trial period I am still waiting on Andromo doing the right thing by me as mentioned in previous post.

    1, Say all my apps are updated from users to SDK does that mean all impressions I would be charged for. The apps I have now all for Admob those impressions I am not paying for but if I for example was a Ultra Plan subscriber and all my apps are updated to SDK and every single user updated to SDK would all my impressions be charged from Andromo where previously they where not on Pro Plan. This part I am confused with.

    2, Can you do this without Andromo impressions for Ultra Plan subscribers.

  • At least 1 minute Interstitial time gap should be offered for Pro plan, as splash screen seems out of the question.

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    As @tones702 states:

    1, Say all my apps are updated from users to SDK does that mean all impressions I would be charged for. The apps I have now all for Admob those impressions I am not paying for but if I for example was a Ultra Plan subscriber and all my apps are updated to SDK and every single user updated to SDK would all my impressions be charged from Andromo where previously they where not on Pro Plan. This part I am confused with.

    I hope not, Andromo Team, could you clarify this point?

  • tones702

    1. If the App has been configured to participate in Advanced monetization (by enabling splash screen and/or interstitial delay shorter than 2 min) then the impressions are charged for. This is accounted on a daily basis
    2. No
  • @RomanJuly

    I had a bad feeling that would be the answer.

    The impressions cost should be at 50% off for those who have had Pro Plan for 1 year plus from the date the Ultra plan was introduced. Give us something at least as for us we aren't getting 30 second interstitial on Pro Plan as promised we would so meet us half way. I just can't understand no consideration has being mentioned for us or Andromo don't care about us. 

  • startapp sdk upgrade when should we be expecting it.

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    andromo now it's a scammers and unprofessional behavior, They canceled my automatic payments from paypal. to push me to choose another subscription

    and when contact them they tell me i will paying x4 price to use similar plan

    if this is not scam what should i called it ??




  • chin1947

    We are not pushing you to do anything. Our support explained you everything in a politely form and offered a discount for a new subscription. Moreover, this is a special offer, this coupon is not available anymore. So, take it or leave it.

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    and this is the reason why i called them scammers because when i contact any other honest company

    they will resolve the problem and let me renew my subscription

    but this little unprofessional company say we can't, i told them i can pay with stripe or paypal just let me renew my current subscription

    we are not a fool's you can easily let me renew my current subscription but you are scam us and want from us all change to another plans to make fast money without any real change

    my current subscription its old offer 50$ yearly (with monetization and unlimited projects )

    they canceled my plan and want me subscribe in new plan with same features but its price x5 times (250$)

    come on andromo be honest and And respect your old customers, without them, you would not have reached what you have today

    Do not make offers that you are unable to continue with. This is unprofessional behavior

    You do not have the right to discontinue the old offers whose subscribers are still renewing annually

  • @RomanJuly

    Do not make offers that you are unable to continue with. This is unprofessional behavior

    if you didn't renew my current subscription, i have always best alternative services

    but what about you if you lose customers What will you have left

    In any successful business they apply the customer is the king

    As for the losers, they try to scam their customers

  • chin1947

    Your old subscription has been canceled by Colin as Indigo Rose is not Andromo owner anymore. However, it is still active as you have paid for it.

    Andromo fulfills all its obligations, and you will receive the service you paid in full until its expiration.

    We don't support this promo plan anymore, so you cannot repurchase it. Thus, we have offered you the maximum discount we can provide for our current subscription plans.

  • RomanJuly

    me and a lot of my friends we will not continue with you

    we already start using best alternative service from honest people ;)

  • I am a old member of Andromo from his first year, I paid for his services for a few years and I found a way to earn some pesos (I am Mexican) I was just thinking about paying for the starter plan again since this last month my old apps had a good profit and I wanted to experiment with some new features and apps but I found this sh*t

    In those past years on these same forums even though I was reading many users desperate for new features and ad networks I always admired the effort and empathy of Colin and the old school team, instead now I see people angry and mortified.

    This new team have taken control of we ads (if you don't pay you don't win). After having read some pages of this dramatic forum, I can only say the following, if you really were honest people at this time you would allow us to update our applications using the old advertising policies (before the March update) and from the next month whoever wants to take advantage of your "GREAT" Pro + Plus + Mega + Advanced functions pay for them and of course willing to give you control of their ads and earnings, this would be fair and honest! 

    Don't you think so?

  • will facebook ads from audience network stop once my subscription expires?

  • Monthly Earn $50 from my apps

    And NOW I have to pay $36 per month to Andromo

    Guys Really!!!

  • Really this is a wrong decision

  • Don't forget @MohammedSaad you have to pay for impressions also on Ultra Plan. I would only think about it if they wouldn't charge for impressions but really waiting for Pro Plan subscribers to get what Andromo promised us over a year ago.

  • I calculated, if I earn $ 550 a month, the impression fee is $ 330. This is real?

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