(Update #1) Advanced monetization launched



  • cancel your new plan if you dont want loss 90% customer @EgorEgorov

  • How to benefit from the 21-day trial period

    Can you explain

  • "Ads are disabled in Apps for developers with an inactive Andromo subscription", so from now if im not subscribed my old apps will not shown ads?

  • At first I was really confused about this update, but now it makes sense. The new, advanced monetization is an attempt to further profit from our end users without adding any additional value.

    Likewise, Andromo is attempting to further profit from us Andromo users with very little value added, and any freedom and "ownership" of our apps that we may have thought we had, taken away.

    I understand a business needs to be profitable.

    But just like with the amount and timing of ads in an app, there needs to be a balance between the value provided and the profit gained.

    Short term profits at the expense of the end user do not lead to long term profitability.

    I wondered why my app earnings dropped so dramatically recently.

    Nobody bothered to inform us that Andromo went back on their word and started disabling ads on apps when we disable our subscription.

  • well i think its time to move on and then learn to code make your own apps.

    i know its our fault depend too much on andromo, and andromo is want to profitable as possible

    and like every company i know they will say "no one force u to using our service" and "we can make rules and update it everytime we want, please read ToS"

    as a poor user who want to make fortune, im try to understand

  • @mww_apps to speak frankly, these were published by a team of people none of whom is with us anymore for a long time. These old promises make me cringe. Not a single developer signed off on these. Pure marketing stuff out of the blue.

    Having said that, I should add that we are busy working on a completely new builder based on the very new and top technologies and it is almost ready for beta at this point. It's a very large project that took more than a year in work. Stay tuned for announcements.

  • @Hopangga Apps built and published after late march will stop showing ads for developers with expired subscription. I with you the best of luck in learning how to code. Programming is beautiful and coding is fun! Definitely do try and see if that's something that you like!

    @nephih if your profits plummeted please get in touch with support and mention my name. I will take a look at your account and see what's wrong.

  • I don't understand a thing

    no improvements, payment plans are constantly being thrown overboard and it is getting more and more expensive, more and more expensive, now even the projects are supposed to be deleted when you are not paying anything?

    Andromo used to be a cool shop, then it was sold and now you do nothing and want a lot of money for it. Bravo!

    It's time to leave this platform, just a madhouse

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    Fellow developers,


    This message is to all of you who feel confused, cheated, disregarded, and frustrated.

    To outline the biggest worry around the community, let us explain once again regarding changes in monetization: Andromo is not taking away monetization from you, you can still monetize your apps with quite a flexibility. You are not losing (or giving away to Andromo) your current revenue, instead we’re introducing improvements that can only grow your revenue. We are, however, introducing a more sustainable model that will allow Andromo to grow together with you. Investing into optimizations is a big part of a sustainable and growing advertising business. To keep your revenues at highest margins we have to follow guidelines, updates and make frequent improvements. Putting a price on that is just a logical step, and eventually, it is done in your favor.

    Before we jump into chaos and blame let us remind you what did we offer in a nutshell.

    There are three subscription plans : 

    • Current Starter users preserve all their features and functionalities including monetization for at least 6 months from now. All Starter members can upgrade today at a fraction of a cost with +$3 to their existing payment.


    • Hobbyist (ex Starter, no monetization) at a cheaper price with a 21 day trial for Advanced monetization. With the cheapest plan available you can try and see if monetization works for you or you need to improve something. Try something new.

    • Pro (nothing changed, Standard monetization) with a 21 day trial for Advanced monetization. If you already know what you are doing and have a revenue stream coming from Apps you can preserve it at a fairly low price and without a need to change anything. Just stay where you are.

    • Ultra (new plan with Advanced monetization) with tools to potentially double your profits. For those of you who feel they are ready to bring their profits to a different level we now have a solution too. Grow your business.

    Our price model is flexible enough to let those who only start to try what it feels like to earn money with Hobbyist plan, for those who make profit regularly to use a Pro plan at a very affordable price, and for those who would want to double their revenue we created a new Ultra plan with additional functionality which requires investment and advanced technological solutions from our side.

    What we’ve introduced is the first step towards a sustainable future together and we want to make sure we all get something in return. For you those are new features which are widely used and appreciated by most of the Andromo developers, higher revenue driven monetization optimization, all boring but necessary updates Apps have to follow to sustain their usability and so much more.

    Some of you wonder why are we removing old Apps on accounts without an active subscription? Keeping terabytes of data for years requires a certain amount of financial commitment from us and as this is not sustainable. We would like to give all this space to those who are committed and active users. And while not a single project has been purged since the inception of Andromo, going further we will be storing your data and projects for six month for expired Starter, Hobbyist and Pro subscriptions and for up to one year for expired Ultra developers. 

    We want Andromo to grow and give you the features and functionalities that you expect and deserve. This comes with commitment from Andromo side, and getting paid for that is just business as usual.

    Andromo is a place that allows over one million people around the world to dream bigger, build and own something starting small and take the future in their own hands.

    We are on a mission of building a better future for all of us, fortunately, we made some changes in our team and our business model to develop a sustainable way forward. Today we have a clear vision on how to turn Andromo into an efficient and profitable environment for you, and we’re committed to keep going this way.

  • appd

    1) Make sure your app has Admob ads set

    2) Activate Advanced monetization trial (it is free)

    3) Update your apps with a Splash screen and change Interstitial ads frequency (30, 45, 60 seconds). You can even choose 1 minute 30 seconds, if your app is very sensitive to users' experience. Even this little change will increase your impressions.

    4) Update your app in the GooglePlay

    5) Motivate users to update their apps:

    Send push notifications to users motivating them to update their apps. This is applicable only if you have push notification option.

    You can also promote your app with Adwords and Facebook to see the result faster.

    6) Watch the statistics, including show rate.

    Splash screen is a strong tool to increase interstitial ads uploading, which leads to an increased show rate, and as a result - fill rate.

    Changed Interstitial ads frequency will multiply your impressions as well.

    You have 21 days to test it and see the result.

    If there are some issues with it, contact info@andromo.com, please.

  • I think that support team Andromo is the best. I have some problem and then I contact the support and they solve my problem so quickly. They work so hard to us. So I think it's okay if they make new plan. Also in the new plan you will get more revenue from there.

    if you have trouble with andromo just contact team support and they will give you the solution. 😃😃

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    @EgorEgorov  I think you missing out whole point of anger (not just me, I see and others) .

    Yes, I could show more understanding about your costs on platform ( servers , stuff , programmers , ect ) but you don't give a shit about ours.

    I have for example active membership (5 years straight ) and I paid (I will spell it > P-A-I-D ) option  "interstitial ads timing " and unlimited (what ever was in PRO plan ) which was promised /paid / purchased / bought from your service / platform . So , what really bothers me now that you force us to pay more for something that we're already paid.

    Do you understand ? Paid . It doesn't matter do I or anybody else using it right now these 'improved features' . It was included in the price. I didn't write that nor put on website.

    Only fair thing would be to upgrade (on Ultra plan ) existing active members for FREE. Not some trial period or else . Because once again they paid.

    Ultra plan doesn't have significant "improvement", its just what we already waited to be done. And yes, paid.

    (Yes, I missing out to mention improved app builder /fancy re-designed because we already paid that too.)

    If you want to be honest and be transparent about platform offer(s),you should think about dev's too. On this way you put a lot of fire , anger and many reasons to discontinue membership.

    And for that internal things, in your stuff , I could guess it myself too ... but as you don't care about us ( we are part of this platform also) why would anybody show understanding now ?

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    Is there any promo code to upgrade from starter to Pro plan, for existing users?

  • @LetMEHearAgainApps there is. Just log into Andromo and you will see a banner with the invitation to upgrade at a special price. This is only available if you have a valid Starter subscription.

  • As one of the first testers of the new monetization features I actually saw some improvement in my revenue after applying the updates to my apps even though not all of the users updated the apps but I still saw some increase in the revenue. It's a small improvement but this means that Andromo team is doing a great job, there's nothing perfect but I trust Andromo developers are working hard to fix all things. 

    Personally and based on my experience, these new advanced monetization features I assure you that they are much better than the old system and without doubt there are more upcoming updates.

    Lastly I hope Andromo addresses the gap between ad requests and show rate because it is big.

    Big thanks to Andromo team for their efforts.


    Well, they have introduced impression commission. So even if the advanced monetization are enabled, I think we need to pay them for every 1000 interstitial impressions (that's what I understood, I may be wrong). If so, the extra income earned from these new monetization, will be taken by Andromo. Overall, I am really unhappy with the new plans and the decision to force everyone to use Pro Plan after September 2020

  • @EgorEgorov The promo code from the homepage is not working. That's why I messaged in this forum.


  • @LetMEHearAgainApps this is not exactly a promo code... just an implementation detail. I can see the problem: you are on one of the very old legacy plans which we forgot when creating this "coupon". This has been fixed, you can upgrade now. Sorry for that.

  • @LetMEHearAgainApps you are a bit wrong. We ask the developers to pay just a tiny fraction of their approved income that has increased because of the new monetization model. So in the end the developers on the Advanced monetization model will earn substantially more than before.

  • @ADILELMAAZOUZY thank you. Show rate is something that we are thinking how to approach now. Not always in our hands to control.

  • @EgorEgorov Ok. I will try. I have the present subscription of starter plan till September. So is it okay to upgrade after that? Will the promo code work during that time?

  • @LetMEHearAgainApps no one on the whole planet knows what the world will look like in September. I wish I knew.

  • @EgorEgorov Regarding the 30 second Interstitial ads in the Ultra Plan, have you considered the chance of receiving 1 star reviews for 'too many ads' which seriously affect the app ranking in Play Store?

    Sadly, you haven't considered that possibility in the mathematical modelling shown in your 'ultra plan' page.

    One of my main app was completely destroyed by your 30 sec ads. I was one of the early adopters of the Andomo ads, when it was introduced.

    My app was for a helping with a particular disease and it was consistently ranking 2-3 positions for that high traffic keyword. It was even chosen as one among the 'top 10 apps of the Year' for that disease, by Healthline.

    When the 30 sec ads were enabled, it started pushing video ads at the rate of 2 per minute and my users got really frustrated. I started receiving consecutive 1 star reviews, complaining about 'too many ads'. Attaching a screenshot here: http://prntscr.com/slvuqw

    I disabled the Andromo ads within two weeks, but the damage was already made. After that month, the app lost it rankings and even after 6 months now, its still not in the top 10 position for that keyword. The earning from the app has dropped to one fifth.

    So, in my experience, adding 30 second ads should be done with extreme caution.

  • @EgorEgorov This is your platform. Don't you know the validity of the offer for your own plan?

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    Q: I have the present subscription of starter plan till September. So is it okay to upgrade after that? Will the promo code work during that time?

    A: no one on the whole planet knows what the world will look like in September. I wish I knew.

    I am seriously frustrated with the way the customer support is answering queries nowadys. I have been with Andromo for 4 years straight and I really loved the support provided by @colinadams and his team. We were like a family. Now its not at all feeling like that any more.

    Its obvious that all the veteran members here are really angry with the new pricing plan. On top of that you are giving answers in the way which obviously says 'I don't care'

    Dear Egor, nothing will happen to the world after September. There is a pandemic and we are bravely fighting it. Trust me, it will pass. I am a Doctor and I am fighting in the war front in my country. If I show your attitude to my patients at this time, a lot of lives will be lost. Please show some respect to your paid subscribers. I genuinely asked you a valid question and this is the not the way a responsible support staff should reply. All of us have financial issues due to the Pandemic. So isn't it obvious that not everyone is ready to upgrade as soon as you introduce a new plan with higher price and same features with some fancy webpage graphics.

  • LetMEHearAgainApps

    1) 30 seconds is an optional frequency for interstitial ads in Ultra plan. The developer can also choose between 45, 60 or 90 seconds. It is up to him to decide which frequency will fit his app the best in order to keep the balance between users' experience and revenue. I think you will know it for sure after you take an Advanced monetization trial for 21 day.

    2) We offer a discount period for annual Starters to upgrade to annual PRO and the closer it to the Autumn 2020 the lower discount is. Thus the discount is 17% if the developer upgrades to a PRO in May, and it will be 7% to upgrade in September.

  • @RomanJuly Thank you so much for a sensible reply. Appreciate it

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    I don't want to tell you how to run your business, but this is obviously not the way. Shorter times between interstitial ads might work in the short term, but ultimately, you will lose users, get poor reviews, and lose ranking. Over time you will end up earning less. On top of that, you expect us to pay you an impression commission, which will reduce earnings even further. It's not a sustainable business plan. It's truly shocking to me that in two years you've owned Andromo, the only changes you've produced are a splash screen and a more in interstitial ad timing options (something that the old Andromo owners changed overnight). Instead of offering new activities and better ad options (mediation, native ads, reward ads) to incentivize users to pay more for subscriptions, you've offered nothing beneficial to us and you still want more money. And to add insult to injury, you expect us to pay a monthly subscription even when we don't need it in order for our ads to continue to appear. It feels like extortion and I refuse to make another app with Andromo unless this decision is reversed. How can you seriously be this naive to not see you're destroying your business? Who in their right mind would see these rules and think that signing up for Andromo still seems like a good idea?

  • So first you said that those of us in "Starter" plans can keep our plans and keep paying the same price at renewal every year, like I have for the last 4 years or so. That sounded fine and fair.

    Now you're saying we only have until September (although my current subscription goes into October), at which time we must choose between having no ads or paying double for the same features we had with the "Starter" plan?

    Plus, on the upgrade page I don't understand - is the $17.43 on top of the $8 a month I've already paid through October? In which case I'd be paying triple to keep my ads going?

  • @banword God bless you. Tell them the truth.

    They should bring back the old starter plan, we dont need this Ultra, We that our adsense has been disabled. Facebook is not accepting new publishers from my country, appbrain and applovin income is too low to maintain the subscription.

    We want the old starter plan back.

    May be we might start a revolution, you are opressing small developers.

    @EgorEgorov @RomanJuly

    @colinadams please come back we miss you.


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