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  • My advice to people is to just download your apk files/projects so that you have your app content with you.

    Simply unpublish the apps from playstore and use other app builders. There are plenty of app builders around or just learn android studio yourself. From the cocky answers given by the support, it seems that they are doing us a favor by giving us a tool to create apps but in reality, we are paying for a service and without subscribers like us, things will go kaput for them when everyone stops using their software.

    The previous owners were so considerate when listening to customers but new owners just want to mint money from people without realizing the long term damage they have done to themselves.

    I feel sorry for the members who have stick around Andromo for last so many years but its time to move on.

  • Infinity, MohammedSaad, tones702

    It has been said many times here: Ultra plan is not for all devs. Nobody pushes you to take it. Stay at Pro if you don't feel you can run ads, promote your apps and earn more.

    Andromo introduced a third plan in order to segment developers and give more opportunities to those who want to invest more, but also get more. We did not limit the Pro plan in any way, so that all participants would feel comfortable.

  • Hi @RomanJuly how long have you being here. What kind of garbage are you saying about staying Pro. What is on Ultra was suppose to be on Pro Plan so don't come up with it's not for all devs. Give us what we Pro subscribers where promised way over a year ago. You pay for a service all these years and get told you are getting something and you wait for it and than out of the blue you charge us more for it and expect us to pay for impressions as well.

    I don't understand how Andromo can treat there customers this way. You limit the Pro plan by not giving us what we where promised, how many times do we have to tell you this.

  • I have been on the "Starter" plan for over 7 years. Now that is being taken away from me, and I will have to pay about twice as much just to keep displaying ads. My apps don't make a lot of money. They are not my main source of income, but it's been nice to have a little extra. But I'm not really sure it will be worth it to have to pay for a "Pro" subscription.

    Not only that, but some of the image files I'm using are old, and they have been deleted without notice. I was told a week ago to give them a couple days to restore them. It still has not happened.

    I'm very, very disappointed, and am now being forced to consider other options for when my subscription expires.

  • @tones702 is right, please STOP saying stay at Pro and give us what we where promised. This is cruel, I can't breathe.

  • Hallo

    How cann i add a color on backroud in custom page activity ?

    cann any body help me with it

  • 101, @tones702

    All the promises you rely on were made by the previous team, which is one of the reasons they are not here anymore. Sorry about that. We are trying to do the best to satisfy dev's needs and keep Andromo live and updated.


    If you need more quotas - just contact support and you will get them

  • @RomanJuly if you are so sorry as you say are plus you say we are trying to do the best to satisfy dev's needs and keep Andromo live and updated.

    So what about us Pro Plan Subscribers for years what are you doing for us we are dev's also. Do we get free impressions for joining Ultra Plan for life. Nothing has being said for us. Maybe each year we get 50% off Ultra plan. Sorry means nothing action for us loyal Pro Plan Subscribers means something.

    I have never being involved with a company that knows there loyal customers have stayed, paid and waited for changes and the company with new people not give those changes to them and also not give them anything but treat them like crap this way by sweeping all the info under the carpet and offer them nothing. How do you people sleep at night, who is the owner I would like to contact him.

  • @absordor Thank you.

    Please read 'post' above by @absordor this is very real and I have no doubt Admob will ban us all as soon they find out this impressions commision = tax

  • @RomanJuly Llevo siguiendo este post desde su inicio y leídos todos los comentarios os dejo mis propias conclusiones;

    Sinceramente tengo que estar de acuerdo con mis compañeros, prácticamente en todo lo que han publicado, creo que no habéis tenido en cuenta a los desarrolladores novatos que llevan poco tiempo en éste mundo, partiendo de la base de que con la suscripción pro y ese intervalo de tiempo tan largo de 2 minutos es prácticamente imposible obtener beneficios, aun invirtiendo en promociones unos 1.000 Euros mensuales, apenas me quedaban 200 Euros de beneficio, algo irrisorio y poco sostenible teniendo en cuenta que tenemos que pagar en nuestros respectivos países impuestos, autónomos etc..,

    Ustedes mismos están viendo la cantidad de críticas que reciben continuamente por parte de mis colegas de plataforma ya que el plan ultra, además de su elevado precio respecto al anterior, las comisiones son demasiado altas, a mi personalmente no me importa pagar comisiones si hay unos beneficios sustanciosos para todos, pero veo que no es así, (Estados Unidos es el país con el CPM más alto de todos, una brutalidad).

    Si seguimos en la misma línea veo que aún sigue el logotipo de andromo en la pantalla de bienvenida, (os estamos haciendo publicidad de manera gratuita), que siguiendo lo comentado en el párrafo anterior tampoco me importaría que estuviese pero con algún tipo de compensación, ya que si no vamos todos de la mano posiblemente se termine de fastidiar el proyecto para tod@s.

    Hagan una reflexión sobre lo comentado ya que como digo incluso para mí que llevo un año en ésto y he invertido mucho dinero y tiempo no me gustaría que tuviese un mal final.

  • @Mitigantesapps i am with him.

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    @Mitigantesapps post translation:

    @RomanJuly I have been following this post since its inception and read all the comments I leave you my own conclusions;

    Honestly I have to agree with my colleagues, practically everything they have published, I think you have not taken into account the novice developers who have been in this world for a short time, based on the fact that with the pro subscription and that interval of such a long time of 2 minutes it is practically impossible to obtain benefits, even investing in promotions about 1,000 Euros per month, I barely had 200 Euros of profit, something laughable and unsustainable considering that we have to pay taxes, self-employed in our respective countries, etc. ..,

    You yourselves are seeing the amount of criticism that you receive continuously from my platform colleagues since the ultra plan, in addition to its high price compared to the previous one, the commissions are too high, I personally do not mind paying commissions if there are some substantial benefits for all, but I see that it is not so, (United States is the country with the highest CPM of all, a brutality).

    If we continue in the same line, I see that the andromo logo still follows on the splash screen, (we are advertising you for free), that following what was discussed in the previous paragraph, I would not care if it was but with some type of compensation, since if we don't all go hand in hand, the project may end up being annoying for everyone.

    Make a reflection on what has been said since, as I say, even for me that I have been in this for a year and have invested a lot of money and time I would not like it to have a bad ending. 

  • It should be thought that 1000 clicks in USA are not like 1000 clicks in Moldova or Egypt!!!

    In USA or Canada, you can earn $100 but $20 in other countries with the same application statistics 😥

  • My experience has been a little different than some of the other posts. I began with Andromo one year ago in June 2019 with a Starter subscription. I found it to be very affordable compared to the other platforms and the features were comparable or in some cases better than the other app building platforms.

    I struggled for my first six months to make any money. I was almost going to throw in the towel because I was not making any money. But a few people on here convinced me to hang in there. I was looking forward to native ads and to IOS support.

    I decided to work harder on my apps and make them more appealing. I also learned all about ASO to try and increase my app store downloads.

    I published two more psychology ebook type apps mostly using the Custom Page Activity.

    These two apps were maximized for optimal ASO. I also decided to only use ADMOB for my monetization since I wasn't seeing any revenue from the other monetization platforms.

    Within a few months they began to get lots of downloads. This past January for the first time since joining Andromo I hit the $100 monthly Admob threshold.

    I continued to improve my apps by updating the content every month and putting out new releases. This also seemed to help with my downloads. I also encouraged users to please review my apps. Fortunately I got a lot of 5 STAR reviews. This helped my downloads dramatically! Two of my apps reached 10K downloads.

    On March 30, Andromo announced that they had improved the way that they load interstitial ads and that they had updated the Admob SDK. This upgrade dramatically improved my Ad revenue. My revenue increased by about 50% after that upgrade. I was finally going to make some decent money.

    All I wanted to do with my app building was to supplement my existing income with perhaps $300 to $500 more dollars each month. Suddenly that was a reality.

    My Starter subscription ran out in June so I upgraded to PRO user for $209. I was glad to get some of the PRO features but like many people i was disappointed that the PRO package did not have interstitial ads less than 2 minute intervals and no splash screen. I could not afford to upgrade to the Advanced Monetization plan and I really didn't want to get involved in revenue sharing.

    I did decide to do the free Advanced Monetization trial, I wanted to see if it would increase my revenue. I changed the interstitial interval to 1 minute on my apps, I did not want to go any lower than that because i thought i would annoy users with too many ads. I did not like the splash screen so I chose not to use it. By using 1 minute interstitial ad interval I was able to increase my revenue about 25% more than by using 2 minutes. My advanced monetization trial just ended so I am back on the Pro plan with 2 minute interstitial ads.

    If I could change one thing about the existing Andromo platform it would be to give existing PRO users the ability to use a one minute interstitial ad setting as a way of rewarding them for their years of loyalty.

  • I agree with last post, 1 minute option for Pro plan it will be nice for loyal customers.

  • @EgorEgorov@gppacana44 interstitial under 2 minutes already in the past with andromo admin @andromoappmaker and @MwanjaMoses. And this option is free, without add any cost of subscribtion.

    Since @tones702 report that any error on update interstitial timing, the andromo team restore to 2 minutes interstitial timing. In the fact, the error not happened to me, all is well. The andromo team promised that they will fix it.

    Since andromo team change to @EgorEgorov and @RomanJuly , all andromo team promised we must to pay extra cost. Like downgrade on project quota and they add new subscription they called "ultra".

    I was waiting for years to interstitial timing under 2 minites, and they realize that with extra cost and impression commission. Thank you for missing your promised that team say no additional cost on subscribtion. LMAO

  • This is so stupid. So all this just for 30 seconds to display interstitial ads? Really???? 25 more dollars a month just to make interstitials 30 seconds? Users will be bothered and we make more money? Wow andromo was never like this ever. How greedy. Back in the day andromo was 8 dollars and 21 dollars a month that was it. affordable. Now I can't afford this bullshit

  • These new people are clearly not listening and the way things stand will destroy Andromo in the process. The only way forward is to scrap 'Ultra' and give developers (Pro etc.) a decent update for their money.

  • Hi, anywhere to solved problem video viewing internal to small and cannot preview as full screen.

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    I agree with you. We need to file a lawsuit with Andromo.com.

    I am a member of Andromo.com since 2014 and still pay a yearly starter subscription for 4 years. All of us, both starter and pro plan users, are being cheated by them. Not only changing a new plan with price increased without any notices and decent changes but also implementing an ads-killing code to all of our app since late March update are the terrible things they did to us. They want us to be their slaves and pay for them forever if we want to keep our own income from any ads network. We need to do everything as we can to show Andromo.com that they should respect their loyal customers.

    Last year I also got an email from new CEO asking about Andromo ads performance. I will leave his contact with this reply.

    Ingus Linkevics, CEO

    M: +31623819410 | E: ingusl@andromo.com | W: www.andromo.com

    A: Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 104, 1012 SG Amsterdam, Netherlands

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    This is what Andromo says in his publication:



    So please go build and publish your Apps today to enable those upcoming new monetization options once they become available and meanwhile enjoy your increased revenue right away.

    What are the new monetization options? Bingo!... Andromo will be disable your ads if you do not have a valid subscription on Andromo.com (Just in case the geniuses and the new owners of Andromo did not know, I say you: this was its great winning feature over all its other competitors).

    Wooowww! Thanks for these new features, I am sure that if you included this in the ad you would not have so many annoying users, nobody would have built / published their applications with these new and wonderful new (hidden) monetization options that you integrated in a deceptive way.

  • @MobileApps they lure us with false promise so that we can update our apps without them telling us the real story, poor us now they held us captives as their slaves. I see this as Pure Deception. 😭😢😟😓🤬😡😠

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    When you first signed up for the service, and tested the app builder, you were clearly aware there's no keystore given to developers. This has been the case from the beginning, and never ever we offered to give a keystore away to users. If you didn't agree with these rules you might've not choose the service to be your partner. Andromo is putting in a lot of effort and finances to make the product better for everybody who uses it, and Andromo income is generated from those who benefit from the service. Keeping retaining users is an important part of our business, and in your case you have built several apps with help of Andromo, saving yourself thousands of development costs, and now you are requesting something that will allow you to keep ownership of the app as if you built the code yourself. In this case, code is built by Andromo, there has been a lot of work done up to date, and changing industry requires work to be going on for everybody to keep their apps up to date. Simply put, we work for those who are with us and not against us. 

    If you wish to have your own keystore, your own ownership of the app you should build it from the scratch. Using SaaS service you have to acknowledge you are on a subscription rules of which can change. Please read rules of SaaS services and how such companies work. Show us at least one SaaS company based on subscription service who gives away its main core parts to users just because they feel they want to get independent?

    What is a keystore file?

    Security file commonly used by (IDEs), such as Eclipse and Unity, to verify application developers; stores a set of cryptographic keys or certificates in the binary Java Key Store (JKS) format.

    No, it's not a personal information, but a security information. 

    It has no relation to individuals or their personal data, and is simply a recognition of Andromo app builder. 

    If in the future Andromo will introduce individual keystores to each developer/app, this will be properly announced and under certain circumstances provided to developers. Until keystore is shared by multitude of developers, there's no way we can share it with individual users.

    Summarising everything said:

    You can leave, if you wish, and according to https://europa.eu/youreurope/business/dealing-with-customers/data-protection/data-protection-gdpr/index_en.htm, you will receive your personal data back as a EU citizen:

    ''What is personal data?

    Personal data is any information about an identified or identifiable person, also known as the data subject. Personal data includes information such as their:



    ID card/passport number


    cultural profile

    Internet Protocol (IP) address

    data held by a hospital or doctor (which uniquely identifies a person for health purposes).''

    All data you typed in during registration will be given back to you. As well as your apk.


  • Captivated

    I ask you to show respect in this forum. If you once again allow yourself to express yourself about the Andromo company and its employees in this vein, you will be banned from this forum forever, and Andromo will not extend relationships with you after your subscription ends.

  • absordor

    That's a great idea, thank you.

    We are currently working on that and 1 level affiliate programme will be announced very soon.


  • In March 2020 I renewed my PRO account for 1 year and Now I see that many features I PAID fore are moved to ULTRA. I need the feautes I PAID for back to my pro plan. and NO, I am not going to pay you commission from my hard earning impressions.

    This is a big big SCAM.

    Whoever bough andromo 2 years ago made us having hopes for improvements. But it was really a big disappointment. Old team was doing much but at least they where honest and transparent. They tried their best. And YOU??? Trying to get more and more hard earned money from us!

    Big SHAME!

  • Developer

    Can you name features you have been taken away from Pro, please?

  • Is this in the testing new andromo builder or regular Ultra?

  • @StudioAppsCreate , thank you for response. Did that happen to you before with Ultra?

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