(Update #1) Advanced monetization launched



  • StudioAppsCreate

    Advanced monetization does not encourage clicks in any way. You should revise your app and fix the layout of your activities or some other issues.

  • @RomanJuly

    When are you going to implement background updater from apps to Google Playstore?

    My Admob account of 5years got disabled 5days ago.

    I believe if their is background ground update, it will help to easily update apps with new as units as they are online.

    Await your response.


  • @StudioAppsCreate & @SpreadTheWORD

    Worrying times!

    I don't think Google or Facebook will allow anyone to mess up with their Ads SDK.

  • Hello.

    We definitely never show ads behind Activities (including the Splash screen). Not only this would be a huge violation of Ad SDK rules but also utterly useless. 

    Ad is loaded while the Splash screen is being shown and then presented to the user after the delay if loaded successfully. What happens perhaps is that user is impatiently tapping on screen while the Splash is displayed thinking that this will make it go faster. Sort of like some people press the elevator buttons a few times in a row. This is why the Ad can get a click even before it really occupied the screen.

    We have recently added a new checkbox in Monetization settings: "Require several interactions before showing Interstitial Ads". We suggest you enable it and rebuild your Apps. This way the first interstitial will only be shown after a certain count of transitions between different Activities and never immediately after the Splash screen. We believe that both Google and Facebook started to enforce this requirement recently so it's a right thing to do. Bear in mind that Impressions count will go down with this option enabled. 

    We never mess with SDK. We never do background updates of any code or behavior except for configurable settings: Splash screen and Interstitial delay.

    Also: never ever ever click on Ads in your own Apps or on your own devices. Google is notoriously known to take down accounts of developers who do that even if just a few times. And there is no one to complain to.

  • Now see how the app is working:

    On the screen titled "Ultimas notici..." did you click on any of the items in the list or the Interstitial Ad appeared on it's own? And can you please tell me the packageName of that App where this is repeatable.

  • edited July 2020

    Like I mentioned in previous posts, splash screens and high frequency Interstitial ads are very problematic.

    Splash screens is a practice the industry left behind in 2013 as it was deemed spam.  I think another name for it is spam ads. 

    Ask yourself this question, would you use an app that splashes a full screen ad on your face before you even reached its homepage? The short answer is a NO.  

    And for Interstitial ads - no app made with andromo can justify anything lower than 2mins. Even 2mins is pushing it. Once upon a time 10mins was the lowest setting. 

    Only high end games can justify using 30sec/1min interstitials as it can work with certain game flows. 

    If people really want to use the 30sec/1min interstitials, at least never use it with admob and facebook. Maybe try it with the other ad networks on the list - as some of them are more willing to spam users with ads. 

    Ps; To Andromo owners; act before it's too late and get rid of the splash screen ads, the crazy new tax system and limit high frequency Interstitials to the networks that approve of it before andromo is labelled as a spam platform and we all get banned from the Play Store, Admob and Facebook.

  • It opens on its own, after the splash

    Well sounds like a bug, a huge one. Send me the packageName to support@andromo.com and mention my name so that it gets routed to me. Please attach the full video and if possible also the exact APK that triggers this behavior. We will give this a highest priority ASAP.

  • @StudioAppsCreate

    Good luck with abusing your users with splash screens at launch and 30sec interstitials.

    My post was for the owners to stop andromo being labelled an ad spamming platform and result with everyone being banned from admob and facebook.

  • @k3000 I've been saying the same thing all along, while people were begging for these features to be added. I don't see how that is sustainable, unless they're just getting a bunch of new users every day. I prefer to make apps my users keep using year after year instead of feeling spammed every time they open it so they just delete it.

  • @StudioAppsCreate

    thank you for your feedback, looking forward for more posts.

  • @TrevorH

    I think people who were asking for these features are probably the ones who copy/clone other peoples apps have them published and then look for ad clicks from first installs before the user uninstalls. 

  • @EgorEgorov, @RomanJuly

    Now that (@StudioAppsCreate ) - the user you have been catering to the most on here has confirmed that their mission is to spam the market with abusive behaviour using your platform. Can you now clarify your position so we know where we stand who we dealing with. Some of us have businesses to protect. 


  • @EgorEgorov please add to the online version of the photo gallery activities so that I can add unlimited images with relatively small application capacity because it only uses image links

  • @StudioAppsCreate

    You sound more of a fraud then I first thought. 

  • Fix is on the way. Builder has been updated and I'm looking forward for your tests, please try to reproduce or confirm it doesn't anymore.

  • edited July 2020

    Why should the ad impression stop on google playstore apps if I do not renew the subscription with Andromo?? This was not written anywhere in the Terms&Conditions when I signed up few years ago. Please explain this @RomanJuly , @EgorEgorov

    I am paying andromo to MAKE and UPDATE my apps! I am not going to pay it to be able to show ads.

  • edited August 2020

    Now that so many people are having their accounts blocked or limited by Facebook and Admob - can we have an option to remove the Andromo SDK released in March from our apps? 

    Or have our apps signature files?

    So we can save what’s left before it’s too late.  

  • If you are on Ultra and your Admob is active with good impressions then you are lucky

    I can share my experience on the Ultra plan:

    I upgraded from pro to Ultra in June, got good increase in ad impressions around 20% more within a week. Then after one month in July, my 5 year old Admob account got terminated (without any standing policy warning in Admob policy center).

    Contacted the support team multiple times as Facebook Interstitials were also blocked due to issues with ad placement that encourage accidental clicks. Support team says nothing about making any change to Interstitial placement and advised to read FB policies.

    Paid $ 317 for Ultra upgrade + $50 for one week's ad impressions commission and now all I have is FB banner ads in my apps 🤗.

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    Wow, that is shocking.

    Thank you for sharing your experience.

    I hope andromo realises how dire this situation is and revert things back to normal or give people their apps signature files.

  • TechK

    You stopped using Advanced monetization on Jun 21 and technically your apps were in Pro mode since that time. So, we cannot say that Ultra caused your account block in this case which happened in the end of July.

  • @RomanJuly What's the difference, the splash screens were active at the time when my Admob was blocked.

    If you check you can see I was the one who suggested you to implement the Disable splash screen option, until then splash screens were active with the least delay time.

    Why don't you bring back the old 'Require several interactions before showing an interstitial ad' option instead of the present option which is only for the first interstitial? The old option worked well with FB interstitials, why don't you reply to this question in support queries??

  • TechK

    Yes, they have been active at apps where you have set them, but they appear for 0.3 seconds approx at start and are not supposed to influence anything in the app.

    As you have been answered at the support - we have several cases of Admob and FB accounts being blocked, but we cannot figure out the reason why this is happening. Every dev we've asked to get more details from the ad network have not returned to us.

    Regarding the ad placement - we have found an ancient bug that wasn't triggered by Android itself until recent versions. We have fixed it. This might be the solution to the ''wrong ad placement'' issue.

    ''Why don't you bring back the old 'Require several interactions...'' - this is the same code as it was before. We didn't change anything there, we have just turned it on again.

    Also, you have been answered at the support.

    Thank you

  • OK that's fine my queries are answered by the support team.

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    " we have several cases of Admob and FB accounts being blocked, but we cannot figure out the reason why this is happening."

    The reason users accounts are getting blocked is because Andromo March update does not comply with the ad networks polices. Facebook and Admob do not approve of third party manipulation of their services. What you put in your latest SDK that counts ad impressions ads ext is not allowed. Plus excessive ads.

    So please stop telling users with perfectly legit apps to check if they comply with ad network policies when its Andromo itself that is breaking the policies. 

    Whoever came up with the idea that you can count Facebook and Admob impressions and tax it and get away with it was dreaming. 

  • I have just registered the 1 month pro package for my 'andromo' account, after registering I proceed to cancel renewal of the next month for my pro package and get the message: 'You have canceled your subscription for the next months, you can still use the pro pack until its expiry means I signed up from August 6, 2020 to the end of September 6, 2020, but after clicking continue to cancel the package for the time being, my account will also terminate the pro package and go back to the trial package 'I hope you can check it out and fix it for me. I had to test it all for 1 month before deciding on an annual rating for my account.

    Thank you and look forward to your earliest response.

  • vanthanh88

    Your subscription is active now

  • @absordor

    Thanks for your last post.

    It’s crazy how clueless the new owners are about the industry they trying to work in. You cannot mess with Google and Facebook's business, you’ll get crashed.

  • k3000

    I don't see any projects in your profile. Do you have an issue with Admob or Facebook? If yes - send us the case to info@andromo.com and we will try figure it out.

    Also, not any dev sent us details of his problems with ad networks. Thus, we cannot help these devs and we are just making some fixes and updates which might improve the situation for somebody.

  • @EgorEgorov Nice way to damage a company, we'll see how long you last before it collapses!

    The plans that you have introduced are a very shameless theft, you offer a platform and it is good that one has to pay but this is nothing more than a tool to create App, you are not the ones who create the App, we have to put content, design and bring traffic and you practically without doing anything you keep a large part of our money with these new Updates.

    You are in time to rectify before everything comes to you, changing the appearance of the tool and making it look pretty does not justify these subscriptions. If you don't take into account what the whole community says, failure is imminent.

  • @RomanJuly You should improve your support system.

    If you don't have a fix also you should mention that and reply to support tickets at most in 2 days.

    I have a support ticket open regarding High Crash rates shown on Android vitals, It's been 3 days didn't get any response I had sent it to info@andromo.com also.

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