What would you like to see added to Andromo?



  • Show Social Sharing Button: An option to manually change the text "Get this app from Google Play - link". This way the button could also be used on many alternative stores. Now it needs to be disabled because other app stores don't like to see links to their main rivals.
  • @hendrixs that is an excellent idea, and I post again, integrate the appwall and the interstitial ads from mobpartner,in andromo


  • Hi I would like to see:
    • Rss from different sources in one activity

    • Disable/Enable activity (helps switch between free and paid version)
    • In app chat (allows user to chat using they accounts like FB or Twitter or both within app)
    • Some kind of solution to work around flash player, so app could actually work with flash player. 
    • Tapjoy as optiom to promote/monetizate app
    • Solution for HD ( that is from Amazon store: HD Optimization: Apps must render natively in high definition (HD)
      at the highest resolution possible on each of the designated devices
      and use the entire screen without distortion, pixilation, or stretching.
      You must also include high definition screenshots (1280x720 pixels or
      greater) of your apps that can be displayed on the product detail page.)

  • @f1_fan: Many of my apps passed the HD test on Amazon. The ones that didn't - I need to make some changes and they will be HD ready. :)
  • Many services I would like to try on Amazon such as Analytics, IAP but they require updating SDK.

  • Oh and one more thing: Disable activity bar, the one on the very top of app.
  • Need custom banner ad activity for promoting our own apps or whatever. 
  • The RSS feed notification would be great addition!!  currently pushing messages out through WordPress and then coping over to AirBop to push out notifications.  Having one place to enter data and make users aware of updates would be a huge plus!!
  • Activities that don't show on the dashboard, Activity ID on Activity main listing page.  Share link for Samsung store.
  • Any news in regard to Mobile Associates API from Amazon? https://developer.amazon.com/public/apis/earn/mobile-associates

    @mark, @lorne? :) Just a "we're thinking about it" would also be good enough. :) Info apps + Amazon API = happy monies
  • I am with hendrixs ... that would be my #1 feature request at this time.
    Top $$$ in there ;-)
  • @hendrix & @sylvia: Open a new thread about the Amazon API stuff and what you think it should do. We took a look at it and didn't quite see how that would integrate into apps in a generic way... If we can get some clarification, we'll look at it again.
  • "We need video and audio embedding for HTML archive activities"

    +1 totally agree. this would really open up the types of apps we could create!

    "For the html/web activity is it possible to set the scroll bar style to SCROLLBARS_INSIDE_OVERLAY  to get rid of the white bar to the right of the background."

    another +1. I've been facing this issue as well and while it looks ok on android 4.0+, android 2.3 still implements it badly.


  • The ability to favorite a radio station within an app and put it in a Favorites list.
  • @Anteos - That's a very good idea!  -  i would use that a lot

    New style Dashboard whereby i can click a menu item which then reveals other items (sub menu)
  • edited December 2013
    Ok I made a tutorial on how to make drop down menu or submenu's. Its located here


    Please leave feedback. I will make another how to guide on making a proper how to guide activity in the future.
  • Could you add  Location on HTML 5 on the web browser or the HTML archives please ?  :)
  • RSS feeds should be updated in the background and that should popup a notification.
  • 2 years waiting just to have an option for a used to identify themselves in an app so I can grab their info in a custom page from our website...

    I don't want ads... I want functionality
  • Can you implement in-app purchase please? I read about it and to do so you need include some library, so it isn't that easy without programming...
  • edited January 2014
    Free cross-promotion SDK

    There are a few providers available, and I was reminded again today, after receiving an email from Tapdaq. Check out their website at www.tapdaq.com. It is aimed at indie devs.

    Something like this would help us promote our apps better, and that is by far the biggest and most important hurdle to overcome.
  • I don't think andromo will implement IAP anytime soon. Iam working on a method where you can lock
    Content via password in your app and have a paypal shopping cart , when the user sends the payment you can send
    Email to them that contains the password.
  • How about affiliate revenue. In other words, I'm a paying member but I don't pay for the "Pro Level" to have the Andromo branding removed from the "About" page in my apps.

    I think it would be cool that if someone clicks on the Andromo branding, and signs up through our Application, that we share a small percentage of the sign-up.

  • @pixelpower the way around IAP is violation of GP policy... be careful
  • Yes that's when I made the tutorial a couple weeks back I stated not to use it in googleplay. I am pretty sure Andromo is not going to implement IAP anytime soon. Us as developers are going to have to step up ( myself included) and make some pretty deep applications in order to warrant IAP. You have to have an app with alot of good content to even convert IAP.
    Just like the drop down menu,amazon afilliates, and donate button tutorial we are going to have to find a way around limitations ourself and use other stores besides googleplay.. This year android has updated so much it isn't even funny.
  • https://tapfortap.com/

    Would it be difficult/possible to add some support for these guys? It's a great system for promotion and revenues generation in one. You display 2 ads and gain 1 ad for your app. 

    More ad networks would be really great, or at least one decent one that supports borderline sexual content because stupid admob blocks things that have even just a pair of diverging curves in them as "sexually suggestive".
  • I was thinking how useful it would be to have a "Coupons" activity.
    It will be an activity in which, from time to time, the developer can offer discounts for a particular time and date.
    Say for example, I built an app for a company selling detergents. In this activity, I will be able to upload a discount of 10%coupon for dishwasher detergent, between 20 Feb to 25 Feb. As a result, whoever comes and shows the coupon ID to the seller will be given the discount.

    Is this possible? It seems to require an interactivity/ upgrade method which could be complicated.

    If it isn't, can you suggest me a way to do this? Was thinking through RSS photo feed activity (upload one image on an rss album which whill show the discount and keep it there only while the offer lasts) but I am not sure on it yet.
  • +1 for you idea anteos, that would be huge advantage
  • Ability to "save as..." for my app i.e. clone an app so I can then build a new one based on another app I have already. I have seen this request in the knowledge base and several times here as well, so I'm sure there is high demand for it.
  • Combine "support discussions" with this forum discussions, to centralize all discussions. I suggest limiting the knowledge base to just private posts for support requests. Put everything else here.
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