(Update #1) Advanced monetization launched



  • @ EgorEgorov

    I want you to contact me in person via e-mail, please send me an email when you read this comment.


  • @EgorEgorov we want the old starter plan, yearly subscription for 96usd. Our admob was disabled, and the earnings for appbrain is too low.

  • @ADILELMAAZOUZY get in touch with support and mention my name. This way you can contact me.

    @gangareboy the Starter plan is not going anywhere, it's still available for existing subscribers.

  • @EgorEgorov but with no monetization

  • @gangareboy incorrect. Starter has Standard monetization enabled in full. Like I said in original posting, nothing has been taken from you.

  • @EgorEgorov the previous starter was 96, and with that price now we cannot monetize. But now you need to pay 252

  • EgorEgorov I sent and mentioned you in message. I'm waiting for your reply.

  • 1, What happens to our apps if we get trial Advanced monetization for 21 days and decide not to go with Advance and stay on Pro.

    2, I mentioned but no answer for this. Also for the current Pro plan members who want to upgrade to Advanced monetization it should be 50% off.

    $432 take $252 equals $180, 50% is $90 more so total is $342.

    3, My concern is like 12 months ago with shorter Interstitial ads that didn't work and where told it works. I hope for those who do go to Advanced it does work as mentioned. I will wait and see from others how they are going with it plus what us Pro loyal members have to pay for Advance as mentioned on question 2.

  • You are right @absordor

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    100% agree with @absordor

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    This is a great way to destroy your business. Sure, we're stuck with you because you own our keystores, but why would anyone make new apps through Andromo knowing that they have to pay you a monthly fee in order for their ads to appear and on top of that give you an impression fee? This isn't 2014 anymore. There are tons of app builders and cheap templates that anyone could use and keep 100% of their earnings. And you haven't even given us any new features since taking over Andromo 2 years ago to justify the change in pricing. This is a blatant money grab and it's despicable.

  • @absordor and @Altland Thank you guys, you said the truth, @EgorEgorov we do hope that you can reverse your decision.

  • @gangareboy the Starter plan did not change, nor the price of it.

    @ADILELMAAZOUZY I will get to support tickets later today and I will see messages directed to me.

    @tones702 1. After the Advanced monetization trial expires, your monetization reverts to Standard and works just like before the Advanced monetization. 3. Something that we did a year ago was so much different that it has nothing in common with what we have launched now. It's irrelevant.

  • @EgorEgorov You never answer number 2 for the second time.

    I thought Advanced was $432 and nothing else I didn't see the impressions part of it. You don't expect people to pay for Impressions commission as well. If what @absordor is saying is true this part sounds ludicrous.

  • @tones702 I'll be happy to answer a question however I fail to see one.

  • @EgorEgorov now i can only see 3 plans

    1. HOBBYIST no ads

    2. PRO

    3. ULTRA

    Where can i find the starter.

  • @gangareboy The list is correct. You cannot purchase Starter anymore. Existing Starter users can continue to use the plan. Even more, existing Starter users get special discount for upgrade to Pro if they so wish.

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    @EgorEgorov for 6 months only, we want you to revert back to the old plans, and the changes you did were not fair at all, you should have gave us prior notice, we miss the old owners. After two years of empty promises you decided to show up this plan.

    @colinadams we miss you guys.

  • What part of this question you fail to understand.

    Also for the current Pro plan members who want to upgrade to Advanced monetization it should be 50% off.

    $432 take $252 equals $180, 50% is $90 more so total is $342.

    That was my question but that was before I realized your charging for impressions as well.

  • On April 9 2019 @tech_support mentioned

    Update info:

    We should note with regret, that with the implementation of more customizable interstitial timings, we were confronted with the problem of many builds failed in our users.

    So for now, we are returning old interstitial ad timings until we solve this problem.

    Thank you for your understanding, your Andromo team.

    Back to now, we where given this the Pro members @EgorEgorov and where told Andromo will solve the problem and now you are charging more for it plus charging for impressions. 

    I dont want to read this - @tones702 the tests last year were absolutely different. This is how we learned and worked the whole year to find out the best solution which really works. It was battle-tested already by our top developers and shows a significantly increased revenue per app. 

    We where told we will get more customizable interstitial timings as loyal Pro members and now I ask for what we Pro members where told more than a year ago from Andromo to add it to our Pro membership as they said they would. Fair is fair. We have waited for over a year and now we have to pay more for it seriously and pay for impressions also. Ask the owner this and see what he has to say or he has no idea we where lied to.

  • I have suspicion that you decreased the 'Ad Fill Rate' in the last update to push people to upgrade. Correct?

    Such tactics and empty promises for over 2 years is indeed a great way to destroy Andromo and your business. Shame!

  • @tones702 I see your feedback and your opinion and I appreciate that, even though it is negative. Rest assured, the Andromo team does read this forum and everything that you share here. You are being heard. I'm terribly sorry but I still fail to see what is the question. Happy to answer, but please ask a question. I would prefer not comment on rants even though I may understand your disappointment.

    @101 We have no control over fill rate at all, this something up to the ad networks. What we did is the opposite: we optimized the flow of some of the ad display code to increase the rate of opportunities to display ads and raise the chance to get a better fill rate — for all our developers, not just some. And we had a lot of positive feedback to confirm that this was indeed the case and in general people saw slightly increased impressions counts. Thank you for shaming us with little to no understanding of facts, this really helps us a lot to work for you guys 👍️

  • @EgorEgorov Thank you for making us your slaves 😊

  • An update for you guys. 

    1. We won't delete your projects. We keep your data for up to six months after you ceased paying (or one year for Ultra users). Chances are that if you didn't need your projects for that long, you don't need them at all. (FAQ and site are not yet updated on that one, but soon will be). And even before removing your data we will send you a plenty notice. In fact, not a single project has been deleted from Andromo since 2016 yet.

    2. Quotas are free. We introduced them to prevent abuse, not to harm you. You need more quota? No problem. Contact support and have it. Every paid user will get as much quota as needed for free. We will raise quotas for you once we see that you are close to limit.

  • @EgorEgorov "You cannot purchase Starter anymore. Existing Starter users can continue to use the plan."

    So we can continue to renew our Starter subscriptions each year for as long as you stay in business?

  • @TH depends on what do you mean by "renew". If you have an active Starter subscription that is not canceled then yes it will continue for some time. Right now you cannot purchase Starter.

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    This is disappointing, but I guess this makes business sense for them.

  • @EgorEgorov I don't understand you keep saying you don't understand my questions.

    We Pro members had options of 15, 30 plus seconds Admob customizable interstitial timings over a year ago but there was an issue and it was stopped and where told by Andromo they will solve the problem. 

    I still can't see for over a year now on my Pro User account Time between Interstitials under 2 minutes and where told it would be solved for Pro Users.

    Now you have Advanced option and forgot about the Pro Users who have being waiting over a year for it being solved and waiting many years for it to happened in the first place. Seems like we are the forgotten customers. We all who have being waiting over a year ago should have free Upgrade to Advance and not pay for impressions if it can not be added to Pro Users account for those that have being waiting over a year.

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    Wow what a mess ... first of all , I must support developers here and their concerns.

    @EgorEgorov  I'm curios .. do you see less and less top dev's here on forum ?? Nor oldest top dev's from this platform ??

    Do you know why? They are fed up. Not because everything is fine and because you kept promises about "changes".

    For long time I had understanding about large update with whole platform ( because I'm dev too and I know how much work you have/had )

    but this idea / solution is terrible for many consumers . Many people has a point and they are angry with good reasons.

    Simply, you /your team completely break every damn promise(s) about upgrading this platform and new features. Only "improvement" for developers are "interstitial ads timing " ??? Really ?? This thing is only for top dev's of this platform , which is less then 1% of all consumers.

    Is that "great deal" for new or dev's in struggle ?? Like it's not enough problems with google play rankings, pandemic crisis , less revenue because all situation ?? And solution for all this is charging us more , demonetizing apps from dev's ... like we don't have enough trouble in the market .

    Charging us more for "interstitial ads" option was never-ever mentioned to us . You said will be included in PRO plan.

    There is a big list TO-DO ( new features which can help us / dev's ) to evolve and create new , better , innovative apps and still waiting to be done from your side.


    Some of mentioned new features from your side was : Iphone compatibility/app builder , game engine / quizzes ... all announced from your side .

    And real question : When you will do some really 'new features' and promised 'improvements' ??

    It's May of 2020. All what's given to us is "charge more" for cosmetic changes.

  • @mww_apps They don't really care about us, imperialism at its best. I can assure them that they will loss many customers.

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