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  • TechK

    Hi, our tech team is reviewing your ticket. You will be answered soon.

    Thank you

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    Yes. Facebook banned my app. 

    They said, their ads or ads data were being served through elsewhere (outside the play store) which is against their policy. 

    So, whatever you guys are doing to collect and count ad impressions is against their policy and this is something the users have been telling you for months but are you’re not listening. 

    Andromo users are not a novice in this industry, a lot of us use andromo not because we can’t code but for convenience just like most people don’t build websites from scratch anymore. 

    But now, after all the recent changes from your side the only reason some of us are still here is because our apps have a strong standing in the Play Store and your refusal to give app signature files means developers are being held hostage. 

    But this position is no longer tenable as andromo users will sadly continue to have their accounts blocked from the ad networks and their businesses and incomes will be destroyed. 

    I am currently considering starting the process of removing admob ads from my apps to safeguard from my admob account from being blocked. Meaning my apps will be ad free and therefore no revenue until I find a safe option. 

    I advise others to do the same or if anyone has any other suggestions please share.

  • k3000

    We are serving ads directly (no channeling, whatever it is)

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    Some questions;

    Since andromo is no longer providing a safe compliant service, will andromo reimburse me for my loses from this? 

    God forbid but, if anything happens to my long standing admob account will andromo be accepting their responsibilities and paying the damages? 

    Will removing admob id’s from my amdromo apps mean clean cut with admob? Or will my app still be trying to retrieve admob related data? Because this will probably cause more problems and policy violations.  I need answer on this before i remove admob.

  • @RomanJuly

    Congratulation you have just demonstrated how incompetent andromo support is with that reply.

  • k3000

    Andromo is doing its best to be compliant with ad networks' policies and rules.

    We advise you to do the same and check your apps.

    If you want to remove your Admob id's from your apps - don't forget to update them in Google Play. Also, keep in mind that your relations with Google will not stop on this since you will still have an Admob account and contract with them.

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    @StudioAppsCreate just posted under the below thread stating his admob account got blocked because of the way you're collecting admob data.

    Why is that post now deleted??


  • Studioappscreate has been banned from the forum for flooding after he has been asked to send detailed info to the support regarding issues he was writing, but he refused.

  • Really strange, after his statements that I didn't think were liars, he was banned...

    In my opinion, I find it weird ban this user,

    @k3000 Do you notice any type of flooding on his part? Really very strange, I remember that he was one of the first to report problems with admob.

  • Studioappscreate has mentioned several other issues he faced, which are not related to Admob. He had been warned to stop sending unfounded negative feedbacks or to transform them to the support team requests. He refused to do that. We cannot allow this forum to turn into a place of negativity and expression of internal aggression.

    Regarding Admob:

    Admob is limiting some developers, not only from Andromo, but also independent developers. We receive this information from different developers communities. This might be related to changes in ad networks policies and rules.

    We are open to help our devs avoid any limitations and ready to cooperate in solving their issues. Send your account id, app package name and the copy of a letter from Admob or another ad network to info@andromo.com, so that we can help each other to fix any bugs that might appear.

    Thank you

  • @RomanJuly

    My FB interstitial ad is active now after a successful appeal. I think your bug fix solved the "ad placement that encourage accidental clicks" violation in Audience Network Interstitial ads. I hope your team will soon fix the High Crash Rates problem also.

  • TechK

    Thank you for letting us know!

    Your problem with High crash rates is under review and you will be answered soon.

    This is a message to all devs who has problems with ad networks limitations:

    Rebuild your apps and update them in Google Play

  • @fernado

    Studioappscreate use to post so much positive stuff about andromo but as soon as he posted about his admob account being blocked due the way andromo is collecting ad data, they shut him up.


    Facebook banned my app with the latest andromo update - so rebuilding it is not going to change anything.

    All apps pointing to the same end-point collecting ad data will be flagged up soon or later and associated admob and facebook accounts blocked.  

  • k3000

    1) Studioappscreate has sent a mail to the support that his apps have been unblocked at Admob after he has rebuilt them.

    2) I don't see any apps in the profile related to your email. What app are you talking about? Send me the package name, pls

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    It was very strange the way it happened, I'm afraid they will do it and take my apps off the air, I don't use the forum with the main account.

    @RomanJuly was already in your account to check if you had apps, maybe you will be banned ... @k3000

    Because in an attempt to alert Studioappscreate was banned, maybe he had the solution, since he was the first to report the problem.

    I saw in a topic that he had direct contact with admob, this would help because after being banned or limited they do not reply to email, I have already sent several emails to admob, called adwords and I never have any answers ... There is no way to send to andromo what admob answer me because they never answer ...

    What I think is that the Andromo team doesn't know what's going on and it seems that I have even more information than them, my account was also limited ...

    And they refuse to give us the keystore to update the app and try to save at least the rest that is left ...

  • fernado

    I can see 1 app at your account, which has a name ''Test app'' and it has no content, last edited 8 months ago. Has Admob limited your account because of this app?

  • As I was afraid of being banned as well, I didn't sign in with my main account. I wrote this in the first line of the comment above, sorry, but all of this is worrying. I just hope that they solve this problem, through my main account I opened a ticket...

  • Why must delete project? It's a fool..

  • `Hello support team of 'andromo' after I have enabled the advanced experimental monetizer for 21 days, the unexpected results of my abmod and facebook accounts simultaneously disabled and that is disabled. my adsense. I am very disappointed with all the money I made on youtube, adsense has lost for some reason testing your advanced money engine.

    I think it's better to revert back to where it was.

    thank you.

  • vanthanh88

    Thank you for your feedback. Can you send Admob and FB letters to info@andromo.com so that we can check it. We have to figure out what happened. There have not been any evidence that advanced monetization causes account limitations so far. We have to clarify your case, please.

  • @RomanJuly No evidence? Actually, only several people who, after enabling advanced monetization, had their admob accounts limited or disabled. We await solutions from previous feedbacks... I just ask you to make it clearer here on the forum if you are having success in solving the problems.

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    We prefer to speak with people about their specific problems. This is the most effective way to solve issues. So, speaking about you - what is your app package name you had problem with and got an FBA or Admob limitation? I have already asked you this question, but I haven't receive an answer.

    Some devs have complained that messages from people who don't give details of their issues and are speaking in general terms are confusing them. We don't want forum posts to mislead people.

    Thus, I am waiting for all details of your issue here: info@andromo.com

    After that I will give a detailed answer of what happened here to make it clear.

    Hope 1 day is enough for you to gather all necessary information.

    Thank you

  • So after paying for Ultra plan, I still have to pay for impressions separate?

  • I want to understand fully how the impressions work when I pay for them.

  • user_#785495

    Watch our video about Ultra plan and advanced monetization:

    Also, you can find more info here:

    Contact support@andromo.com if you have more questions.

    Thank You

  • Can't pay with PayPal unless its 12 months, and can't pay with Stripe as it refuses all my cards as declined, so little options of payments and so much restrictions on subscriptions.

  • Please answer my email about invalid clicks issue @RomanJuly @EgorEgorov

    Thank You

  • i have same problem hier

  • @RomanJuly

    i have sent support regarding facebook ads issue. please look at issue i am not able to working ad on app please look

    Hope you’re well in these unprecedented times.

    Thank you for reaching out regarding your apps on Audience Network and Monetization Manager.

    It appears that your Software Development Kit (SDK) has not been updated to the latest version which is what is causing the issues for you currently.

    Monitor whether your apps are on the latest versions of the Audience Network through the SDK tab on your Monetization Manager.

    Currently, your Android Software Development Kit (SDK) is on version: 5.7, compared to the latest version which is available: 6.1

    Once your SDK is updated, the Fill should resolve itself, to avoid this in the future. I would recommend always checking if your SDK is updated.

    Kindly let me know if you require any further assistance in the meantime.

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